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The upcoming addition of 66 F-16 Block 70 fighter jets, commonly known as the F-16 V, to Taiwan’s air force, will be posted in eastern Taiwan to boost the military’s defense capability against Chinese aircraft carriers, defense specialists told.
Taiwan announced that it officially sealed the F-16 V deal with the US earlier this month after the two sides signed a letter of offer and acceptance for the procurement project.
Military officials said the US is expected to deliver one F-16 C Block 70, single seater and one F-16 D Block 70, two seater in 2023 for testing. Formal deliveries of all 66 of the aircraft to Taiwan will be completed in 2026.
They may not match the P L A’s latest fifth generation J-20 stealth aircraft, however, but they can contain J-20s with the help of Taiwan’s E-2K early warning aircraft, the source said.
The source added that the 66 F-16 V will be stationed at the Taitung air base in eastern Taiwan.

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