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Hello again, sorry that it took so long to upload something again. In this video you can follow me on an amazing opportunity I just got a week ago. I got to fly a turbine helicopter Robinson R66 from Portland all the way up to Seattle for Oregon helicopters. I joined one of our well known DPEs on this flight, and as you will see, the flight as educational as it was scenic. This is Part one of this flight, from Portland Downtown to Olympia where we refueled.
I would also like the opportunity to thank and introduce Lucas who has kindly edited this video and raised the content quality to an entire different level. Again Lucas, thank you so much and welcome on Board 🙂 Another big thank you goes to all of you who are watching my videos. we have reached 50 subs, more then I ever thought we would get on this channel. And now enjoy this new video and let us know what you think of the new editing 🙂

00:00- Welcome back
00:56- Introduction R66
03:15- take-off downtown heliport(61J)
05:20- avoiding Charlie
06:43- NE Portland
07:55- Let’s talk engine-cycles
08:50- firts timelapse+music
09:49- along Columbia river to Vancouver and Scappose
13:22- 2nd timelapse+music
14:40- Let’s talk turbines and turbine-helicopters
24:00- scenic VFR timelapse+music
26:00- Inbound Olympia (KOLM)
28:44- landing RWY35
31:08- hovertaxi+set-down(baaadd)
33:48- Shut-down+outro

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