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Hey there, welcome to my Channel!!

In this video you can see me training for my PPL(H), the training takes place at Lelystad Airport, The Netherlands in a Robinson R44 raven II.
Refeuling the helicopter, start-up, take-off, some departures and approaches and a few different autorotations.
I intended to film my training from the first flight on, but that unfortunately failed. So you’re catching up at around 20 flighthours of experience.
I’ve got some footage from my very first flight, I’ll be uploding that soon!
I didn’t get the ATC and cockpit audio this time, in upcoming video’s I hope to add that.

Enjoy watching the video and leave a comment if something isn’t clear!

Music by LiQWYD.
flighttrainig at Heliflight, the Netherlands.

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