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Early 2019 I was serving as the backup pilot for PAMAS, based on Palawan in the Philippines.

This specific flight was to the island of Mangsee, which is one of the last islands of the Philippines, right next to Malaysia. Other than some alternator problems, the flight went great. Patient was picked up and taking to receive additional medical help on Palawan.

What a wonderful opportunity! And yes, the 180 degree auto at the end wasn’t the best I have ever done. Don’t use it, lose it. 2 years of flying twin engine aircraft It is amazing how much lift these have with one person and minimal fuel. Even at being below the recommended auto speed prior to the flare, the rotor RPM was above engine RPM until the leveling out the flare. Always learning to be better!

Update: After the next training we discovered that a bug at gotten stuck in the pitot tube, which would explain very slow reaction in the auto at the end of the flight. It still could have been better but would explain why the airspeed was so off. I was baffled to why the speed didn’t seem correct.

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