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Hey guys! welcome to another episode of AviaHub!
Watch in this video:
1. Falcon 8X low pass
2. Piggeon on airplane wing
3. Extreme take off
4. 3 fire fighting aircrafts drops water at same time together
5. Helicopter Robinson R44 Rave hits power lines

I do not claim these clips as my own. All credit goes to the rightful video owners. If your video was featured and you want it taken down, send me an e-mail explaining the situation and we’ll resolve it.


Robinson R44 vs Power Line
Andrew Vorster Photography

A good example of a hot n’ high take-off

A good example of a hot n’ high take-off from aviation

3 IL-76 aircrafts drops water
Илья В

Голубь на крыле взлетающего самолета

Falcon 8X low pass
Brian Hansen

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