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Robinson R44
2021 Jimmy Stewart Airshow
Jimmy Stewart Airport (KIDI)
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Saturday July 10, 2021

Throughout the day on Saturday (and Sunday), airshow spectators could purchase a ticket to take a short ride around Indiana, PA in a Robinson R44. During a short break in the action on Saturday, the Robinson R44 made a single pass down Runway 29 before resuming ride operations.

Please note that any music in the video was played through a public address system and ZINGER AVIATION MEDIA does not have any control over what music is being played during an airshow. The International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) has negotiated a 2021 rate of $206 per public air show day from BMI; a rate of $150 per day from ASCAP; and $128 for a one to two-day air show weekend, $185 for three to four days, and $244 for five to seven days from SESAC. These rates are not controlled or negotiated by the USAF and are subject to change. This rate applies only to music broadcast over the public address system during the air show portion of the program and does not provide the show with the right to use prerecorded music at concerts or other non-air show special events held in conjunction with the air show.

In addition, please note this video was also made safely.

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