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Forty-second Robinson R22 lesson with Specialized Helicopters
Summary: Quickstops; Straight-in, 180, and Hover Autorotations
R22 Total Time: At Start 49.8hrs., At End 50.8 hrs.
Night Time: 3.1 hrs.
Night Landings: 10
Solo Time: 10.4 hrs.
Solo XC Time: 4.3 hrs.
Instructor: Jacob Bursey, CFI
Date: April 30, 2021
Location: Hayward, CA
R22 Beta II: N479SH
Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black. Settings: 1080p 30fps, F.O.V. = WIDE, Stab = AUTO (Hypersmooth), Protune = OFF. Headset cable audio

Maneuvers: Normal Takeoff and Normal Approach, Straight-in Autorotation, Quickstop from Air Taxi, Quickstop from Takeoff, 180 Autorotation, 90 Autorotation, Hover Auto (Engine failure in hover).
8:13 Request Left traffic to Spot Charlie, Normal Takeoff and Normal Approach
12:31 Straight-in Autorotation
15:24 Don’t flare too hard once needles rejoin because you can’t see rotor RPM trend if going to overspeed. Needed to hold throttle closed more on the glide down.
17:25 Straight-in Autorotation
21:13 Straight-in Autorotation
24:52 Straight-in Autorotation
29:34 Quickstop from Air Taxi
31:10 Quickstop from Air Taxi
32:54 Quickstop from Air Taxi
34:30 Quickstop from Takeoff
35:00 Quickstop from Takeoff
35:20 Quickstop from Takeoff
35:50 Discuss request Right traffic to 28R with Short Approach
36:49 180 Autorotation
40:14 180 Autorotation
43:44 180 Autorotation
47:17 180 Autorotation
51:45 Request Left traffic to Meridian with 90 Autorotation, lowered collective in flare
56:11 Hover Auto (Engine failure in hover)
57:18 Hover Auto (Engine failure in hover)
58:12 Hover Auto (Engine failure in hover)

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