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Thirty-seventh Robinson R22 lesson with Specialized Helicopters
Summary: Review Maneuvers and Off Airport Landing
R22 Total Time: At Start 44.2hrs., At End 45.3 hrs.
Night Time: 3.1 hrs.
Night Landings: 10
Solo Time: 10.4 hrs.
Solo XC Time: 4.3 hrs.
Instructor: Jacob Bursey, CFI
Date: March 26, 2021
Location: Hayward, CA
R22 Beta II: N290SH
Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black. Settings: 1080p 30fps, F.O.V. = WIDE, Stab = AUTO (Hypersmooth), Protune = OFF. Headset cable audio

Maneuvers: Normal Takeoff and Normal Approach, Straight-in Autorotation, Engine Failure in Hover, Slope Landing, Off Airport Landing, Steep Approach and Maximum Performance Takeoff, Vuichard Vortex Ring State (VRS) Recovery, Simulated Engine Failure
11:50 Clear to takeoff Meridian to Spot Charlie
15:40 Straight-in Autorotation, first time trying to control throttle
21:01 Hovering auto
22:22 Slope landings
29:46 Request right crosswind departure
32:18 Stearman traffic
36:23 Discuss turbulence
37:11 Discuss diversion to Tracy
39:39 Discuss determining wind direction off airport
42:30 Off Airport Landing
A: Altitude – High recon 500 AGL, Low recon 300 AGL
W: Winds
O: Obstacles – Trees, wires, rocks
T: Turbulence
F: Forced landing Areas – hiking trail
E: Entry
E: Exit
L: Landing – slow steady steep approach
50:32 Vortex Ring State Vuichard recovery
58:42 Simulated engine failure
1:00:52 Inbound call for Meridian
1:03:43 Cleared to land taxiway Zulu abeam Meridian
1:05:46 Practice slow steady steeper approach to off airport landing

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