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Thirty-sixth Robinson R22 lesson with Specialized Helicopters
Summary: Night cross country HWD – CCR – APC – HWD. Requirements done!
R22 Total Time: At Start 42.6hrs., At End 44.2 hrs.
Night Time: At Start 1.5 hrs., At End 3.1 hrs.
Night Landings: At Start 7, At End 10
Solo Time: 10.4 hrs.
Solo XC Time: 4.3 hrs.
Instructor: Jacob Bursey, CFI
Date: March 12, 2021
Location: Hayward – Concord – Napa – Hayward, CA
R22 Beta II: N290SH
Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black. Night settings: 1080p 60fps, F.O.V. = WIDE, Low Light = AUTO, Stab = AUTO (Hypersmooth), Protune = OFF. Headset cable audio

9:54 Request right crosswind departure
13:28 Traffic and frequency change approved
29:27 Inbound call to Concord tower
31:28 Cleared for option, after option cleared to depart
32:52 Traffic call while I’m calling pre-landing check
49:30 Inbound call to Napa tower
45:45 Reporting midfield, cleared for option
1:02:17 Frequency change approved
1:18:10 Discuss requesting Nimitz transition to Hayward from Oakland tower
1:19:13 Request Nimitz transition to Hayward
1:21:50 Hayward ATIS in background
1:22:40 Discuss Norcal Approach and transfer to Hayward when on squawk code
1:25:04 Radar services terminated, contact Hayward
1:25:30 Inbound call to Hayward tower
1:28:05 Cleared to land taxiway Zulu abeam Meridian

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