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Thirty-third Robinson R22 lesson with Specialized Helicopters
Summary: Solo requirement work. Departure to Coyote Hills and return. Normal patterns to Spot Charlie with Set Down and Pickup after each pattern.
R22 Total Time: At Start 39.0hrs., At End 40.0 hrs.
Solo Time: At Start 8.3 hrs., At End 9.3 hrs.
Solo XC Time: At Start 4.3hrs., At End 4.3 hrs.
Instructor: Jacob Bursey, CFI
Date: February 12, 2021
Location: Hayward, CA
R22 Beta II: N290SH
Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black at 1080p 30fps, Hypersmooth, headset cable audio
ADS-B traffic: Stratux ADS-B Rx, FltPlan Go.

Gusty wind to 18kts while at Spot Charlie. Got blown around while hovering.
9:30 Request left downwind departure
13:10 Frequency change approved
16:25 Maneuvering around Coyote Hills practicing turns
24:53 5 mile inbound call for Spot Charlie, Tower can’t hear Comm 1 very well
27:02 Spot Charlie cleared to land
27:44 Tower tells to turn inbound for left base
28:30 Normal approach to Spot Charlie
30:00 Set Down and switch to Comm 2
33:00 Pickup
33:26 Request left traffic Spot Charlie, Tower reads me 5×5 on Comm 2
37:20 Set Down
39:18 Pickup and right pedal turn
40:20 Left pedal turn
41:15 Request left traffic Spot Charlie
46:00 Set Down
46:50 Pickup and request left traffic Spot Charlie
52:10 Set Down
52:30 Pickup and hover. Getting blown around
55:17 Request left traffic to Zulu abeam Meridian
56:06 Normal Approach to Zulu abeam Meridian

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