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Robinson 22 helicopter flight around Palm Springs Airport
Created with Movie Studio 15 Platinum
I used my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X to fly the R22 helicopter, very precise inputs.

Computer specifications
Win 10 64bit Pro; Case Cooler Master 690; PSU Antec 900Watts; Motherboard ASUS Sabertooth 990FX; CPU AMD FX-8350 4.3Ghz; 16GB G Skill DDR3 1600; 2 HDs 2TB Hybrids; VideoCard EVGA Geforce GTX 1050Ti,4GB,PCIe X16; Latest Display Driver; SoundCard ASUS XonarDX; Logitech Speakers G51, 5.1; Logitech G35 7.1 Headset; FlightSticks: Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X, I also have a CH Fighter Stick and Pro Pedals; TrackIR-5; Monitor Acer 24″ LED, 3D Widescreen GN246HL Gaming Display (144Hz Refresh Rate)

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