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Cockpit view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd-YnJKQ2Ls
Pilot view (offset +3″): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHhrwKdRD3o
GPS: https://www.strava.com/activities/2336525289
Time: 0830
Flight time (cumulative): 1.0 (24.5) hours
Helicopter: Robinson R22 Beta II N290SH
Instructor: Paul Henrichsen
Airports: WVI – PAO
Maneuvers: Cross country, Class C (NorCal) and Class D (PAO) radio, patterns, approaches
Camera: GoPro Hero 7 black (4k / 30 fps)
Notes: Initial plan was to solo at PAO, but conditions (traffic & airport layout) didn’t make it ideal. First cross country was great, a little intimidating talking to NorCal. Feeling great about flying a helicopter, radio work definitely a priority.

Maneuver Guide
6:52 Pickup to a hover
8:54 Takeoff from taxiway parallel runway 20 to right crosswind departure
11:10 Initial NorCal calls
13:51 NorCal frequency change
15:14 NorCal Ident request
17:50 NorCal PAO information
22:16 Santa Cruz Mountains – Summit Rd fly over.
25:10 Alerting NorCal we have PAO information
28:29 NorCal frequency transfer to PAO tower
29:33 Initial call to PAO tower
34:40 Helicopter at 2 o’clock fly over from the East
36:40 Fly over Google
36:55 PAO tower clearance for the option on runway 31
37:31 PAO tower asks about approach type
38:00 Normal approach to PAO runway 31 cleared for minimum time
40:14 Touch and go PAO runway 31 to left pattern
41:35 Normal approach to PAO runway 31 cleared for the option
44:15 Touch and go PAO runway 31 to left pattern
45:47 Extended approach to PAO runway 31
50:34 Touch and go PAO runway 31 to left pattern
52:04 Requesting helipad from PAO tower
52:50 Steep approach to PAO helipad
55:15 Set down

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