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You guys and girls seemed to really enjoy watching my 4th ever flight so here we have the 5th flight in a Robinson R22 Helicopter.
I am on my journey to get my PPL (H) so we can buy our own and start having some adventures in a helicopter, as well as moving to a house further down south.

This video needs putting in a little context as it was very windy!!! When I say windy, I mean that it was gusting up to 25knots!.. I am slowly getting to grips with the controls of this but I mess up a few times in this video simply because I am not used to having to fight the wind quite so much. All a learning curve and I am really enjoying it.

I also have passed my Class 2 medical, meaning there shouldn’t be anything stopping me now getting my full PPL (H)

I realise this isn’t car content but I hope you will enjoy something slightly different and eventually it will all link up to Project 2.

Enjoy the video and follow me on Instagram PhilDixon89

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