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?? The police helicopter has a long and distinguished history as law enforcement’s “eye in the sky,” providing a unique and invaluable aerial perspective to enhance the safety, awareness, and effectiveness of officers on the ground. Today, however, with budgets tightening and resources under scrutiny, many agencies are seeking to expand the role and capabilities of their rotary-wing units, elevating the overall significance and worth of their aviation program by turning their aircraft from simple aerial observation platforms into true multi-mission assets.
This expansion in capability can include taking on highly specialized missions such as airborne firefighting, and human external cargo (HEC) operations that require rappelling, fast-roping, short-hauling or hoisting. But these types of missions bring with them many potential risks, and as such, they are not disciplines that can be approached casually; one’s failure to adequately assess, identify, and manage these risks could result in catastrophic consequences.

? As a training provider, ARS is certified for external load operations under U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) part 133, which allows for HEC operations and training for a variety of helicopter rescue techniques. ARS also holds an FAR part 141 certificate as a pilot training school, offering courses in advanced piloting techniques and vertical reference for external load operations.
ARS employs 15 full time instructors, whose backgrounds range from military operations, to civil law enforcement, fire/rescue, emergency medical service, and tactical elements. The team operates a fleet of five aircraft: a hoist equipped MD Helicopters MD 902, an MD 600, an MD 520N, an MD 530F and an MD 500E.

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