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11-21-2020 Helicopter Pilot Lawrence with Summit Helicopter is Starting Up this 650HP MD530FF (369FF) at Whiteman Airport getting ready to go pull new power lines out in Santa Paula in Southern California. A huge thank you goes out to all the brave helicopter pilots & lineman who perform these dangerous jobs on a daily basis providing electricity. You can check out Summit Helicopter http://summithelicopter.com/​
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Built around the same airframe as the 500-D/E helicopter, the MD530-FF has a 650 horsepower engine, larger main and tail rotor blades, and increased performance at higher altitudes and hotter temperatures. MANUFACTURER: MD Helicopters, Inc. (McDonnell Douglas)
Model: MD530FF (369FF) (MD500)
FAA Registry # N67FF
YEAR : 1989
C/N: 0067FF

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