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Have you ever wanted to shoot out of a helicopter? You can with KranzFTG Firearms Training Group. We use an MD 500 helicopter to shoot from. The same type of helicopter that the special forces teams use. You get to go for one heck of a ride and you will get to shoot vehicles that are stuffed with fire extinguishers. This helicopter is fast and nimble. You will be harnessed in so there is no worry about falling out. You can stand out on the skids and shoot YOUR rifle at any of the multiple types of targets we have on the ground which include dummies, cars, and steel. Shooting from a helicopter is the most fun you can have and it’s one of those bucket list items you have to do at least once. At KranzFTG we make it affordable to shoot from a helicopter.

Jeff Kranz TCOLE Instructor

KranzFTG Firearms Training Group (Mckinney, TX)
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