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07-03-2020 Here is a McDonnell-Douglas MD520N (500N) Starting up & taking off at the Whiteman Airport. Thank you for watching & please subscribe.
McDonnell-Douglas MD520N (500N) AKA MD Helicopters
FAA Registration # N520NY
C/N: LN055
MFR Year: 1994
Operated by Hawcs International inc., Hawthorne, California & flew originally from Chino California & working for the Southern California Edison – SCE

NOTAR (no tail rotor) is a helicopter system which avoids the use of a tail rotor. It was developed by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems (through their acquisition of Hughes Helicopters). The system uses a fan inside the tail boom to build a high volume of low-pressure air, which exits through two slots and creates a boundary layer flow of air along the tailboom utilizing the Coandă effect. The boundary layer changes the direction of airflow around the tailboom, creating thrust opposite the motion imparted to the fuselage by the torque effect of the main rotor. Directional yaw control is gained through a vented, rotating drum at the end of the tailboom, called the direct jet thruster. Advocates of NOTAR believe the system offers quieter and safer operation over a traditional tail rotor.

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