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Learn more about the Bell 505 here: https://bell.co/bell505

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After my recent review of the 5-seat, turbine-powered Robinson R66 helicopter people asked if I could fly its nearest competitors, the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X. The folks at Bell were kind enough to offer me the chance to fly the 505 and I happily accepted. During my flight in the Jet Ranger X we discussed the helicopter’s open cockpit, cargo space, electronic suite, flight characteristics, power, capabilities, outward visibility, controls, and sweet range of exterior paint schemes.

Oh, and along the way we saw about 200 dolphins. 🙂 Note, the price in the video is incorrect. It has been corrected below.

Here’s our test helicopter’s information explosion:

Bell 505 Jetranger X
Base Price: $1,350,000

Turbine: Safran HE Arrius 2R
Takeoff power: 505 shp (475 shp Transmission Rating)
Continuous power: 459 shp (428 shp Transmission Rating)

Useful Load: 1,500 lbs
Maximum Range: ~306 Nautical Miles
OGE Hover Ceiling: 10,460 Feet (@ Max Gross Weight)

Top Speed: 130 Knots (@MGW)
Max Cruise: 125 Knots

Thanks for flying with me! #MicahFlies

00:00 Introduction
0:21 Information Explosion
2:15 Startup
4:53 Interior
6:03 Cargo Space
6:56 Family Friendliness
7:41 Style
8:19 In Motion
10:24 Power
11:35 Dolphins!!!
12:31 Emotion Factor
14:37 Remarks
14:54 Garmin Glass Cockpit
17:11 Practice Autorotation
18:21 Synopsis

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