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Event: Wings Over Wairarapa 2021
Date: 26& 27 February
Aircraft: Stolen helo and stolen Ute; Bell 429 helicopter and NHIndustries NH90

In July 2019 the NZ Police introduced three new Bell 429 helicopters into service. Cal sign ‘Eagle’, the Police helicopters have been on the beat since 1988. One of the current Eagles attended Wings Over Wairarapa and the Police were keen to show off its versatility. But the Police will of course be alert in case a ‘person of interest’ may try to disrupt the air display.

Backing up the high tech of the helicopter, a police dog also attended – and was willing to demonstrate both bark and bite!

The Air Force displayed the NH90 advanced medium utility helicopter at Wings Over Wairarapa.

The big NH90 is capable of a wide variety of roles: it can carry 9 stretchers plus medical staff, or palletized cargo; it can also lift the Army’s Light Operational Vehicle. Along with its air crew, an NH90 can carry up to 19 troops. Two powerful Rolls Royce turboshaft engines power the big rotor.

The RNZAF now has 8 NH90 helicopters in its fleet and they have already been used for disaster relief operations throughout NZ and in the South Pacific.

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