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Agusta Bell AB412SP

This demo was filmed at the International Sanicole Airshow 2010,2011 , so you see r01 and r02

After more than 20 years of loyal service, the Royal Netherlands Air Force retired the three Agusta-Bell AB412SP SAR helicopters on 1 January 2015. These bright yellow helicopters, aptly nicknamed Tweety, were stationed at Leeuwarden Air Base.
They had Three tweetys r01 ,r02 r03
These three helicopters took care of the transport of patients from the Wadden Islands to the mainland, among other things. Search And Rescue (SAR) flights were also carried out. If an F-16 pilot in distress had managed to get to safety with his ejection seat over the North Sea, this helicopter would pick it up from the water. Over the years, a total of 5,429 rescue flights have been flown.

Manufacturer Agusta
Length 14 m
Height (from the ground) 4.6 m
Empty weight 2.935 kg
Max. number of passengers 13
Main rotor 14 m
Tail rotor 1.3 m
Engines Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3B Twinpac
Cruising speed 216 km / h
Max. speed 255 km / h
Ceiling 4,816 m (16,000 ft)
Max. range 650 km

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