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H160 images courtesy of Airbus.
Cobham Aerospace Connectivity has announced that Airbus Helicopters has selected four Cobham systems on the H160 Medium-Utility Helicopter:

Digital Audio Communications System (DACS) for audio management and intercom functions. DACS is forward-fit on more civilian helicopters than any other digital audio system in the world.
251 Amplifier for cabin paging/public address. The 251 Amplifier delivers clear audio performance in a reduced size & weight package.
NPX138 Stereo Transceiver as an optional FM Maritime Radio. The NPX138 features a 100-channel memory, 32-character LED display, and 1-10 watt power selectability.
RT-7000 Mission Critical Communications Radio as an optional V/UHF radio system when tactical communications are required. The RT-7000 is a software-defined radio, with modules that may be upgraded as an operator’s requirements and mission evolve, so the aircraft will remain current with AM/FM, P25, and TETRA today, and LTE, SATCOM, HD video, and more in the future.

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