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The 12 most #expensive #helicopters in the world.
Be it marching to the borders or the need during a mishap, helicopters are very useful. Helicopters can reach such places where humans cant. Today we are going to tell you about the most expensive helicopters.

1. #Eurocopter EC 135 (4.2 million dollars)
Eurocopter EC 135 is a very beautiful helicopter. Aircraft manufacturing company airbus has invented it. This helicopter with 2 engines is a civil light utility helicopter which can catch a speed of 259 kilometers per hour. The interior work of this helicopter is done by the compamy herms. EC 135 is used mainly for the army campaign.

2. Eurocopter EC145 (5.5 million Dollar)
Eurocopter EC145 is a multi role helicopter. This helicopter with twin engines is considered the best medium sized Helicopter. To reduce the noise and shaking it has been made with rotter blades. It’s range is 680 kilometers and it can catch maximum speed of 268 kilometers per hour. This helicopter can take 2 crew members and 9 passengers in it.

3. #Augusta westland AW109 (6.3 million dollars)
This was invented by a british company in collaboration. The making of this helicopter startes in 1971 and it was introduced in the market in 1976. AW109 ‘s maximum speed is 285 kilometers per hour and its range is 932 kilometers. It is being used in the whole world for army services. South african airforce, swiss air rescue, royal New Zealand airforce etc. are using it.
4. Eurocopter EC 175 (7.9 million dollars)
Eurocopter EC 175 medium class utility helicopter was made by airbus helicopter in 2008. This helicopter is made for citizen’s help. The helicopter has a digital engine control system and has a rotter with 5 blades.

5. #Airbus helicopter H155 (10 million dollars)
This helicopter witha long range and twin engines can carry 13 passengers with pilot.
ec155 was introduced to the market in 1999 by the name H155. This helicopter is used for army services.
6. Augusta westland AW 139 (12 million dollars)
This helicopter is a medium sized helicopter with twin engines. This is made by augusta westland. It was introduced in the year 2003. This was developed by bell and augusta helicopters and in the beginning it was known as augusta bell helicopters. This helicopter was used by Irish and arab airforces.
7. #Sikorsky S 76C (13 million dollars)
Sikorsky S 76C is a medium sized commercial utility helicopter. Which is made by Sikorsky aircraft corporation. It’s making started in 1977. This is used by the royal family in england and american president donald trump.
8. Bell 525 Relentless (15 million dollars)

Bell 525 was made by Bell helicopters. The medium sized helicopter has a maximum speed of 296 kilometers per hour and has a range of 1037 kilometers. This helicopter can take 16 passengers and a pilot in it.
9. Airbus AS-332 L1e VIP Super Puma (15.5 million dollars)

Airbus AS-332 L1e VIP Super Puma has twin engines and 4 blades. It is medium sized. It is made by Aerospatiale and airbus helicopters.

10. Sikorsky S-92 (17.7 million dollars)
This medium lift helicopter is made for citizen and army services. This helicopter’s military version is given the name of H-92 superhawk and another version is called VH-92.

11. #AgustaWestland AW101 (21 million dollars)

This medium lift helicopter was made by augusta westland in 1999. Royal navys and airforces of denmark, portugal, norway use this.
12. Airbus H-225 Super Puma ($27 million)

This long range helicopter is the world’s most expensive helicopter. It can take 2 crew members , 1 cabin assistant and 24 passengers.

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