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Embraer 195 e2
The largest aircraft in the E-Jet E2 family, the E195-E2 has been designed to maximize returns and efficiency on high-density routes. With its high-aspect ratio wings and swept tips, combined with other aerodynamic improvements, the E195-E2 achieves double digit lower fuel consumption compared to current-generation E-Jets.

Airbus A318
The A318’s cabin is flexible enough to deliver a range of options, allowing it to fulfil several roles. As the largest commercial aircraft certified to land at steeper-than-usual gradients, it is ideal for operations at such constrained locations as downtown airports – translating to significant cost and time savings for business travellers. Since 2009, British Airways has been operating A318s with “steep approach” capability from the in-close London City Airport to New York’s JFK International Airport.

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