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During the last week of June 2019, I traveled to Goa from Chennai on SpiceJet. I was traveling on this airline after a long time. The check-in process happened swiftly, and I proceeded to the security screening. The boarding happened on time, and I was put on a shuttle to reach the aircraft. As soon as I reached my seat and settled down, I found the seat to be comfortable with a good seat pitch. There was enough room to move my legs freely. I reached out to the cabin crew for some water, and she got a cup of water right away. The crew was friendly, and the service they offered was good. When I was filming a video at the end, one of the crew struck a conversation with me and asked me if I was a vlogger. I quickly briefed her about my journey on YouTube. The flight departed on time and arrived in Goa ahead of its schedule. The flight experienced turbulent weather for a couple of minutes before landing. Being a low-cost carrier, SpiceJet does not provide complimentary meals on its flights but offers options for buy on board in-flight meals. The seat pocket had Spice Route, SpiceJet’s in-flight magazine, which was colorful and kept me busy during the flight time. You could also find the in-flight dining and shopping menu in the seat pocket. My only concern during this flight was the fact that the armrest was broken and had a sharp edge, which could turn into a major problem if one isn’t careful. I wish SpiceJet looks into it and does something about it. Overall, flying with SpiceJet after a long time ended well. I look forward to being on board soon.

**This video was shot to share my personal experience. I was neither sponsored nor compensated by the airline in any way.

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Filmed on GoPro Hero 6

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