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My return flight from Goa to Chennai was again with SpiceJet. The experience was once again good. Goa airport is huge! Walking from the gate to the shuttle takes a long time. As soon as I was on-board, I liked seeing the black colored seats on the flight. The seats were comfortable like the way looked, and had a good amount of seat pitch. Being a low-cost carrier, SpiceJet does not provide complimentary meals on its flights but offers options for buy on board in-flight meals. The seat pocket had Spice Route, SpiceJet’s in-flight magazine, which was colorful and kept me busy during the flight time. You could also find the in-flight dining and shopping menu in the seat pocket. Since the journey happened after dark, there wasn’t much to see outside the window. I enjoyed some Pringles and spent my flight time listening to music. Once again, I had a pleasant time flying SpiceJet. I look forward to being on-board soon.

**This video was shot to share my personal experience. I was neither sponsored nor compensated by the airline in any way.

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Filmed on GoPro Hero 6

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