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Due to some very urgent family matters, I have to fly back to Manila on August 31, 2019 instead of flying further north via Emirates Airbus A380. With this flight report, I got an opportunity to fly PAL’s flagship aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER which they normally send this on transpacific routes such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver. Anyway, please enjoy watching this trip report from Bangkok to Manila. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

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  • I took 733 back a long time ago in july I wish that 733 has Boeing 777 instead of one of the old airbus series

    • SN – 08AA – Glenhaven Sr PS (1173) yeah they normally send their 330s and a mix of old and new configuration on their 330s. i just also hope that PAL wud consider upgrading the seats of their mono class a330 a/c. Btw thanks for watching.

  • When was your flight? 😊 I went back home too last Sunday via Philippine Airlines (Bangkok to Manila, PR731, 1:50pm) Kinda Hard Landing and Full of Air Turbulence na

    • Jonathan Christian Diaz this was last aug31 pa nadelay lang ng edit. 🙂 mejo maulap un time nayan kaya turbulent pti sa pg landing namen.

    • Full of Turbulence din yung flight ko papunta ng Bangkok via PAL A330-300 and pauwe ng Manila via PAL B777-300ER. ❤

    • Actually there is a little unexpected accident sa plane nung sunday, dahil maturbulence, natapunan ng softdrinks yung isang passenger sa harapan ko habang nagbubukas ng softdrinks yung PAL FA but good thing naman, inasikaso naman yung passenger ng FA.

    • Jonathan Christian Diaz good thing the passenger was assisted well. Mahirap talaga pag turbulent, miski ako kinakabahan pareti pag turbulent ang flyt lol

    • Lucas Calma normally they do mix it with 777 and 330. Maybe if they have bigger load than their a330 they deploy the 777. It varries i think with their schedule or depends sa load.

  • Hopefully I get to review the New Economy soon hehe! Business muna review sa new, Nice Vid, Abngan ko naman ang Cathay hehe!-Athan, Founder of Experience Travel Adventures

    • Experience Travel Adventures hey athan!! Oo nga sana matyempuyan mo ung new config ng 777 sa economy. Mejo natambakan na ko ng edit ehehe

  • Hey Owen! Thanks for another great flight review!! Just curious — was the pork with rice actually adobo? Or both were chinese options?

  • Bangkok airport seems to share some similiarities to Taoyuan airport, that's pretty cool. The view you had of the 777-300's engine though whew look at that beast! Thank you for the heads up about Vancouver arrivals, I do wish I could land at T3 as it looks so nice

    • Hey Andy, thanks for watching. Yup that engine is so massive. Yup T3 is the newest but honestly I prefer departing and arriving at t2 because it’s more simplified and less walking though nothing much to do there.

  • I think PAL improves a lot!!!!! this aircraft looks AMAZING!!!!!keep it up!!!!! so PAL will become a 5 star airline or a world class airline again!!!!!!

    • @OwenTravels i think so!!!!!nothings impossible sir!!!!!this airline will be more a world class airline if the airports of bulacan and clark airport terminal 2 are completely finish and operated!!!!!are you aware sir that the MCIA TERMINAL 2 is one of the best airport in asia and also including iloilo international airport.i hope in my dreams that PAL will buy an a380 aircraft so that they accomodate more passengers!!!!!

    • @OwenTravels once the airport of bulacan will be finished and fully operated i can now predict that it will also became a best airport in the world in the future!!!!!same in clark international airport t2 whose now 87%complete.