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My Journey, Pancreatic Cancer

PayPal and Go Fund Me Accounts

PayPal doesn’t charge any fees so I will receive your entire gift. Go Fund Me takes a 10 percent commission fee. I would appreciate your using PayPal if you would be so kind.

My Final Journey!

If you can help I could sure use support right now.

My medical condition has been deteriorating and I need to return immediately to Houston, Texas to the MD Anderson Cancer Center for surgery.

Note: I am not an “E-Beggar!”

When we are sick it’s the most humiliating and humbling thing any human being can do is ask for help.

My heart has always been led to help others with no questions asked.

But, I fully realize not everybody feels that way until, they suffer this experience for themselves. I pray for these kinds of people.

My email is [email protected]

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