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This video is about Lufthansa Latest News. Lufthansa has converted 14 Boeing 777x orders to options. The 14 airplanes were part of the firm order for 34 placed in 2013. Apparently, Lufthansa wants to slow the growth of its long haul widebody fleet of airplanes, thus the recent annoucement. Nevertheless, Lufthansa will still welcome 20 777-9 airplanes in 2021. They also expressed that they are defintely interested in converting these options back into orders in the future.

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What do you think about this move by Lufthansa, are they still interested in the 777x program, and most importantly do you think they convert these options back into orders? Let me know in the comments below!


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    • Peter O Brian Thanks for your comment. Lufthansa initially placed orders and agreed to purchase 34 airplanes downright from Boeing. However they have converted 14 to options meaning that those 14 may not be delivered to Lufthansa if they do not convert the options back to firm orders. Essentially, options are placed when an airline is considering whether to take more of the same airplane type though they have not confirmed that they will purchase more. Hope this answers your enquiry. Thanks for tuning in to the latest Aviation News update and stay tuned for more great videos!

  • Think they just want to prevent even further delays .. they could opt out for shorter haul – but – sooner delivery 787's or even take the penalty cost and instead go for A350's

    • keiming227 Haha! That’s a good one. Well all the news surrounding Boeing seems to be negative for now. Hopefully the MAX airplanes will return to service safely next year and the 777x will take to the skies soon. While GE faced issues with transporting the engine, the engine issues are finally resolved and it shouldn’t take that much time for new ones to be installed on 777x. Thanks for watching and if you have not done so do consider subscribing and stay tuned for more great videos!

  • Almost unheard of in the aviation industry converting firm orders to options must have Boeing concerned.

    With the 737max problems Boeing is haemorrhaging money, within the next two months they will have more new 737 max’s stranded on the ground than grounded airline ships, that’s nearly 800 aircraft. The cost of sustaining this catastrophe is eye watering, and that’s without including compensation, lost orders and reputation.

    In delaying the 777x, albeit there have been engine problems should reduce short term funding and allow breathing space to resolve the cargo door problems.

    Have Boeing unwittingly given Lufthansa an excuse to walk away from the new 777’s and possibly order something different which would be delivered a year or two later?

    • Clive Soper Thanks for your comment. Yeah converting orders to options is extremely rare in the aviation industry though it does suggest that Lufthansa is looking to take a smaller number of 777-9. The 777-9 is probably too large for them to fit into their route networks and can only fly certain high demand routes hence they probably chose to take a smaller number to be cautious. Boeing will certainly have a busy year ahead next with the goal to deliver all the MAX airplanes sat on the ground. Hopefully then will the financial state of the company improve. Thanks for watching and if you have not done so do consider subscribing and stay tuned for more great videos!

    • Donald RockJr Well you are most welcome! Do stay tuned to the AirplaneProductions TV channel for more great videos on the way!

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    • Alistides Izidory Thanks for your support! Yeah it is difficult to debunk such a rare event in the aviation industry of airlines converting orders to options. Thanks for tuning in to the latest aviation news update and stay tuned for more!

  • Let's hope Lufthansa's CEO doesn't become a crybaby like Emirate's CEO: blaming Boeing for the issues that GE's GE9X had and possibly blaming Boeing for damage done to a revised GE9X by a Volga Dnepr Airlines hard landing

  • Hi, the problem as I see it is that a lot of the New Low Fuel Burn Aircraft have had serious problems to overcome with the Engines, this has caused a loss of confidence and in some cases a deffered or reduced order with its Aircraft supplier. The Market also appears to be leading the decision making for Airline Boards , and costs are all important for any Airline.

  • Lufthansa is in a far worse situation than Emirates regarding the 777-9. The way things are going it will be late 2021 for deliveries, or 2022. The Germans have many oldish planes to renew in their fleet, like 747’s, 777-200’s and A380’s which although not old are costlier to operate in their current configurations (this would not be the case should they seat 600-650 pax, but then they would compound the overcapacity problem). Emirates on the other hand have a newer fleet but suffer the same overcapacity situation on many routes. I agree with you that save some special missions overcapacity today is an issue. It seems the 777-X program will end as a niche plane for the 9 version and most probably the 8 will be cancelled, for unlike the bigger version it is a lot more expensive to operate than A350-1000, particularly on shorter missions. To compound Boeing’s chagrin, it accelerated the demise of their 747.

  • these Airlines need to invest in more Airbus aircraft .the company with no problems with their Aircraft and can be trusted to build an Aircraft worthy of flying and passenger safety

  • In this case it is not the Boeings fault…Before till late 2000' airlines needed big capacity airplanes(400seats or more) because firstly they had a wide range and there was a demand on important routes! Now all the airplanes could fly similiar distances(787 as an example) that means they can operate less busy routes bcs the aircrafts are able too.Lets ilustrate,somebody from Florida or idk Texas before connected to JFK or Atlanta to go to London or Frankfurt usually with 747s or later on A380 and 777s…Now he can fly directly from Florida to Frankfurt in a 787 or A350 or even smaller aircraft(bcs there is less demand directly from Florida) I hope i was clear,names of countryd were just an illustration