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  • Nice catch folks! Personally think this is a bit more visually interesting than the Millennium Falcon livery, due to the playful design integration with the aircraft.

  • To be honest, this is a little too much design and colour on the planes lately, too much for my taste. I prefer to see planes in their original colours 🤗🤗🤗

    • @Jochem B. Interesting point. There is probably a fine line between occasional promotional liveries and too many aircraft effectively being turned into flying billboard adverts. Hopefully it doesn't get out of control.

    • @ShePlaneSpots I agree! I love when they do the retro paint jobs the best! But some artistic license is great,but not so when its dominated by brand names or movie companies! If you have not seen it,check out the Concorde in "Pepsi Cola" livery from back in the 1980's! It cost a million dollars to paint the plane alone!

    • @Miles High Oh yes, 'Pepsi Concorde' looked awful. I'm with you on the retro liveries, as they're a nice display of brand heritage and genuinely interesting to spot. Some recent cross-brand promotion designs are quite clever and fun, but The Falcon design strays dangerously close to 'advertising billboard' territory in my opinion. I hope it doesn't encourage lots more like it.

  • I would subscribe but i feel we could have more info on the aircraft such as top speed,maximum distance and passenger capacity plus where they have come from and going to.This info is easy to get and broadcast for viewers.That way you will get a lot more viewers.
    I do enjoy the broadcasts but more info please.!!

    • He does often mention the departure points of the long distance planes. All that info you mentioned is available online, and i can't imagine him repeating the same details on each plane landing, over and over. There are lots of knowledgeable crew members in the chat during the members only stream that share info and answer questions too! I joined a month and a half ago and I am addicted now! Even getting up at 4am my time to see live shows!

  • A day out at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge probably costs more than the flight from Heathrow to LAX. Ridiculous prices, and Disney are wondering why visitor numbers are down.

  • Thank you. Livens up the otherwise dull Latam livery, now on PT-MUD and PT-MUI. I prefer the old white and red. This star wars makes up for loss of garish Disney stuff on rear half of 767 PT-MSZ.

  • A memorable aircraft for me. I was involved on wiring installation of that aircraft ( crimping of wires, installation of computers ) , installation of sat com antenna.

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