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This is one of the prides of the Airline’s Fleets – Boeing 777-200ER that will service the International route.
The aircraft was flown in from Dublin to MMIA; by the Chief Pilot of the airline, Capt. Victor Egonu and Capt. Simon Donoghue, a Boeing instructor.
We spoke to both captains on what it would be like to travel on Air peace Airline’s ‘triple seven’
They also spoke on their upcoming routes, frequencies and the newest standards of passenger comfort and design and how the company is re-thinking travel through the infusion of Nigeria culture.

@airpeace Airline is continuing to expand its network and gaining service accolades.
In just 4 years, the Airline has become one of Nigeria’s visible brands; maintaining their lead as the biggest indigenous airline in Nigeria sky With more than 30 Aircraft.
The airline offers the widest connections to almost all states and major cities in Nigeria; Five Regional Routes, and already gearing up for their first non-stop flights to Sharjah – Dubai – New York – London – Mumbai – China – And S/Africa. This is a must-watch!

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  • This is an eye opener for me. I am glad that we have nigerian registered, licensed Boeing 777 series. This is a Nigerian pride.

    • @Adachi Uchendu's l'adresse I am sorry to ask this dumb question mam, is this airpeace different from the Nigeria air that d federal government is trying to come up with? The reason I asked is bcos d way ppl are saying it just feels like its d national carrier for Nigeria. Can u enlighten my ignorance pls.

    • @ike ojibi Hi Ike Ojibi, I guess Ms.Adachi has been able to respond to your answer. Well I can speak for myself as to what I see and feel about Air Peace. This airline is indeed a well visible private airline brand that has shown it has good corporate governance, good management and a well defined vision and mission. These accomplishments have come over time, and we as Nigerians should be proud of the brand, and its CEO Barr. Allen Onyema for building such a reputable brand that is slowing becoming the envy of many airlines in Africa and around the world. Personally, I am proud of the humane gesture Mr.Allen showed his compatriots in need while in South Africa facing xenophobic attacks. He deployed resources to aid in their evacuation from that country. That gesture alone has truly projected the image of the Air Peace brand as well as that of Nigeria in a positive light. The brand has become one of repute,trust and of social responsibility. These are traits Nigerian brands must exhibit to win hearts and minds both locally and internationally. Now, I can tell you there is no connection to the Nigeria Air the Govt was trying to float. It was a pipe dream that died after its announcement. A charade and total fiasco. Govt should not be in the business of doing business, rather Govt should create the enabling environment to make business operate seamlessly and grow at all levels. This is just my candid opinion and take to your question. 9ja 4 Life!

    • @Ike Ojibi, sorry Ms.Adachi has not been able to respond to your question was what I wanted to write. Forgive my error.

  • Air Peace is the Nigerian mother bird flying to give us and foreigners a wonderful flight experience not seeing before, am looking forward flying Air Peace to Buenos Aires ✈🛬

  • I am Nigerian and so proud of Air Peace and my country Nigeria. The future is bright for Nigerian Citizens and as passengers of Air Peace.
    One love Nigeria. Sky Power.

  • Sir if someone living in Nigeria want to be a pilot how ll he or she going to do it ,is there school of aviation that trains pilots in Nigeria?

  • So happy to see the Leed this man is showing in Nigeria aviation industry so proud to be a Nigerian pls show people how business is down if one knows what he's doing.

  • once i saw the interior walls and seats i realized it resembled EMIRATES…and indeed its a former Emirates plane…formerly A6-EMK. Prpbably got it from the phased out 777-200 from emirates.

  • This cost over $200 mil dollars and he ordered 7,coupled with 10 777 max he ordered and d 30 embrear jets he started put at say $1.8 billion that's stunning this dude is balling.how much does he have.buying aircrafts like snacks

  • As proud Nigerian why Air Peace has not painted our flag on the real of this aircraft or somewhere on both sides of the body as same as other airlines do in showing their own countries flag. When Air Peace arrives or leave any country how is going to be known is a Nigerian company…???

  • Wow glory be to God almighty.I can't wait to fly with AIR PEACE from United Arab Emirates. Am proud of the good work in my country…GOD BLESS AIR PEACE AND ITS MANAGEMENT. ONE LOVE

  • More grace to your efforts Sir, pls we need you to extend your international roots to SAO PAULO or any other state in BRAZIL. At least it will serve other SOUTH AMERICAN countries thank you

  • Nigerians we should all join hands together and pray for our brother Mr Allen and his family this time, for God almighty to up hold and strengthen him and his family, the world is wicked, they have try but God will disappoint them.

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