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Seen here only BIG aircraft landing at the famous Polderbaan at Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Including the Boeing 777-300/ER from American, normaly they only sent their B777-200/ER but I managed to catch the -300/ER 🙂 Aswell as the Boeing 747-8F from Cathay Pacific and Boeing 787-9 from Turkish airline. ENJOY!
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✈Plane shortcuts✈
00:00 B747-867/F________________Cathay Pacific Cargo
00:54 B777-323/ER______________American
01:41 B787-9______________________United
02:35 A330-323___________________Delta
03:31 B777-306/ER_______________KLM
04:37 B787-9______________________Turkish Airlines
05:39 B767W-332/ER_____________Delta
06:24 A330-323___________________Delta
07:32 B777-206/ER_______________KLM
08:21 B787-9_____________________KLM
09:15 B777-FFG__________________Saudia Cargo
10:12 B787-8_____________________TUI
11:00 B747-406__________________KLM
11:46 A330-243__________________Air Transat
12:42 A330-302_________________Delta
13:47 B777-206/ER_____________KLM
14:44 A330-302________________Delta

Video’s taken at: Amsterdam Schiphol airport
Video’s taken on: 30 August 2019
Camera: Sony HX-400V
Tripod: Manfrotto MT055XPRO with an Manfrotto MHXPRO-2W videohead.

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