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Airline: Garuda Indonesia, GA
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Aircraft registration: PK-GIG
Flight date: November 8, 2019
Route: Jakarta – Denpasar
Flight numbers: GA412
Seat: 23K
Contact for general questions and business inquiries:
[email protected]



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    • Hi Dan! Thank you for making this positive review on Garuda Indonesia, our national airlines company and we're proud of them.
      And… Relaxa? I like them too! With their tagline "scented candy, to refresh your breath (mouth)". I hope you had a great time visiting Indonesia.

  • Garuda has been a mess recently with the now ex-CEO, they've changed routes unexpectedly , did some quite controversial decisions like having live music acts on board, etc. But the CEO has been fired now by the State Owned Enterprises Ministry since he tried to smuggle bikes on a brand new A330-900neo on its delivery flight from Toulouse to Jakarta and the CEO has been the one causing all the mess and decline in Garuda and that doesn't even include the more personal issues such as how mistreated Garuda flight attendants with sexual harrasments and such. Thankfully, he's been fired now and we hope to see Garuda getting better again in the near future, hopefully with proper leadership

    • @Tofuboi3005 u indonesian ppl? If u indonesia ppl, u better read twitter w/ acc name @digeeembok.
      Much data that u not find in media is reveal in that account.
      Better fly Batik Air than GA 😂. At least, u not find hokben in Batik Air with more charming FA 😍

    • @Aquinaldo Sipayung yes I am Indonesian, If I am not i wouldn't know all of this haha, I already read the thread on twitter, but I focus more on what it has caused to the airline though, I don't really want to focus on the personal issues of the CEO and his board of directors

    • @Tofuboi3005 ya, the thread on twitter not only discussion the scandal and affair,but discuss why GA dragged down to the sh*t. Miss GA when Emirsyah Satar is on BoD

  • Why all these first class trip reports ??? Seems everybody and his aunt are doing them and asking/imploring us ordinary travellers to subscribe (And presumably support the trip reporters), most people go economy or save forever and treat themselves to "trip of a lifetime" in Business, as my partner did this January past, a victim of Garudas chaotic scheduling, a normal trip from Heathrow turned into a short hop to Amsterdam then VIA KlM, then the trip to Jakarta with a 7-8hour layover hotel and bus connection all paid for by Garuda then the relatively short flight on to Melbourne. Partner stated she was never flying economy again lol. £1900 round trip was an absolute steal though and made up for all the hassle. Forgot to mention both outbound and inbound flights were actually cancelled prior to the trip happening !! great people at flight centre got things sorted. So far Garuda have made no effort to contact us since January, no special offers, no anything, poor follow up and expensive to fly with them again so in spite of partners fantastic experience, actual seat, cabin crew everything included and discounting the negatives looks like it's a different airlinenext time.

  • Thank you for reviewing Garuda Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
    Enjoy your holiday….🎅🤶🎄🎁🎆🎉

  • As an Indonesian, I've to say that you got the good experience of Garuda's domestic economy class because you got the 777 which was designed to be a long haul aircraft (although they are mostly used on short routes these days). You should try their recently reconfigured B737-800s which have 12 seats in business class and… 162 seats in economy class! That cabin is such a nightmare for a '5 star airline' experience with only ~29" of seat pitch. I've ever flew with one of them once and it was awful.

  • A very happy holidays to all of you…
    Nice video and it looks a bit chaotic but air Asia x is also nice enough…😉

  • Garuda's management went through total chaos in the past couple weeks. I'm really hoping that they can recover and improve again after stagnating for quite a while. I hope you had a pleasant flight~

  • If you say that Garuda's economy class seat is in top 5, I recommend you to fly with Garuda's Boeing 737-800 economy class for any domestic route (mainly CGK-DPSvv) and you'll realize something.

  • I flew with Garuda Indonesia from Jakarta to Padang in November 2017, it was a great experience, the crew was lovely, and the food was good, there was a lot of choice in term of inflight entertainment, even if it was a short flight on a 737-800. I'm glad that you enjoyed your flight with them too ☺️ send you a lot of love from Algeria 🇩🇿

  • We just came back from a vacation in Bali and we connected in Singapore, so we flew Garuda's B737-800 in economy. Bulkhead rows. 2.5 hr flight and we also enjoyed it quite a bit. The crew are great. Good first impression.

  • Actually Garuda's top level management is in a quite big scandal that exposed just a few weeks ago caused by abuse of power by a few member of the B of D so that's why, as you said in the end of the video, that Garuda seems don't what they are doing. Since this is a state owned airline, the minister already fired several of them. We expect there will a be some replacement soon and we hope it's a good one

  • Hello, sir
    I am fan of your….
    Urs reviews are very awesome….
    I like to recommend Delhi-toronto non stop flight…. Air india plsss it's a humble request 😅……if u could do this i will be great that we will get honest review of this flight
    Love from india 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Hey Dan, unlike your other videos this kind of felt undercooked. Not sure why! I am a regular viewer of your channel but this video did feel a bit off

  • Great video. I prefer to fly Garuda from Melbourne to Bali when l go. Economy is goodbut business class is better. I think Garuda are very underrated, they are a super airline to fly. Merry Christmas

  • Whenever you can fly a B777 with 9 across in economy you know you scored!! Great review Dan, and Merry Christmas!❤️👍✈️🎄

  • Oh my god yes!!! Come back to Indonesia more often ✌we have so many airlines that's flying across our skies and plenty of exotic destinations to try outside of Java and Bali! And its all quite affordable too

  • 5:27 The flight path shows the plane doing a loop. Why would that be?
    Living in Sydney and visiting Bali (a 6hr flight) quite regularly I always fly Garuda economy and have always been comfortable with my decision for all the reasons mentioned in this video and especially the FA's who are friendly and accomodating and not too far behind those on Singapore Airlines. I have flown the same route a couple of times in Business (when they've had a special) and was impressed with the step up in quality on all levels.

  • When you said the people dont care about the row category, just saying, as an indonesian, and from personal experience, they dont care HAHA but still live indonesians tho🥰

  • Modern Family? which character are u? the skinny redhead or the big dude? the old guy [Ed O'neil] played Al Bundy in Married with Children, the supermarket episode and the movie theater and the game show are some of the best TV

  • I love how nonstopdan is actually honestly positive about economy-class flights.
    I mean, it'd be all-too-easy to only do reviews on business class, or to rate economy food and seating as bad, just because you've gone business or first class so many times.
    But no, he actually is able to genuinely review economy class and say that the economy seating or food is really good without saying in the same breath "… not as good as business class, though", or simply saying it's "alright".

  • Hey Dan! Those were RELAXA it's pretty popular candy here in Indonesia, and if you're still in Indonesia you can get those in pretty much every convenience store and it's super cheap (around 50 cent / bag)

  • the mint that u're eating is relaxa, it's an original Indonesian mints. I don't really like to eat those regularly but it tastes really good, couldn't find it anywhere else other than Indonesia so far tho, glad you really like garuda

  • Worst food ever… did anyone realise the significant different between the food advertised on their magazine (perfect shot with a passenger in economy with his food tray) well it's night and day between marketing and reality

  • Yes Dan, it is always like that, on the ground seems un-organized, happened with me many times, but once you are already in the plane, then Garuda is indeed a 5 star rated. The management is now being restructured, and am very sure that Garuda will be much even better with the "back on track" working spirit of the staffs after the new Board Members are appointed. You'll see …

  • Just flew Garuda First NRT-DPS and then back to NRT in Business. Both products are vastly overrated. The hard product is nice in first, the business is old. The food is medium.. the Champagne and Wine selection is poor. Garuda is making massive cutbacks in everything they do. It was especially glaring after flying JAL First the week before. Garuda is NOT a 5star airline.

  • Happy holidays and happy end of the year and end of the decade🤔😇😎😅🥳😅🥳😅❤️❤️😂😂🇨🇨😂😗🙁😗🙁😗❤️😗😦

  • 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😝😙🤣😄😆😁😆😄😄😀😀😀😄😃😃

  • @ REVIEW OF JOSH ON MALINDO AIR AND HEATHROW GUIDE OHHH and Merry Christmas to all and safe travels…. please be patient at the airports as it's a busy time now…

  • For reference to leg room how tall are you? I am considering flying GA to Japan next year (PER-CGK-NRT and KIX-DPS-PER) and the aircraft are B738, B77W and A333

  • Flew Garuda A330 from Perth Western Australia to Bali, and could not fault it, quite expensive but worth it 👌👍

  • Do you know that Garuda's CEO has just been fired for smuggling a Harley Davidson motorcycle 😂😂😂
    Not to mention there's a sex scandal brewing deep within the airline cabin crew. It's a hot mess 🤭🤭🤭
    Garuda is in a desperate need of a strong figure at the top to navigate the cut throat world of aviation but without loosing it's soul and identity.

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