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The Entry Into Service date for the Boeing 777X has been delayed officially by Boeing! In today’s video, I take a look at the new revised date, the reasoning and the implications it has on carriers.

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  • Every launch airline knows their delivery schedule may slip, more often than not, with any new aircraft from any manufacturer.

  • That was unexpected. First the 737Max MCAS and it is still ongoing and now the B777X engine issues what is going on? Looks like Boeing is not having a great year. They should have continued to adopt the safety first philosophy since the B737Max and now look where it got them. Well at least now they get it. At least I hope.

  • One thing is for sure, Boeing can kiss airlines that used its planes pretty much exclusively (like SW) goodbye. They'll probably stay around as the industry needs at least 2 manufacturers but Airbus is going to have a clear upperhand for sometime, unless something happens. Also don't forget Boeing is going to get hit by Europe's WTO complaint at some point in the near future and unlike Airbus they haven't stopped years ago with the subsidizing.

    • what??? no… there's no reason for MCAS. The engine was placed in the same spot so as not to shift the center of mass. With a 737, it's a lot harder to get a bigger engine because it's so close to the ground. With the 777, it has lots more space to put bigger engines without changing the center of mass. Honestly, THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE.

    • PacificPlanespotter / RailfanReaper I did say “probably” do you know for sure it doesn’t? The 748 has something very similar, granted not called mcas but it has it! The GEnx engine are bigger and mounted higher for ground clearance so it will affect handling characteristics therefore it’s not unreasonable that Boeing may have installed something similar! Who knew about MCAS before the crashes?

  • Apologies
    Your final comment caused me to splutter over my coffee – 'safety first'-Boeing ?????
    Safety has only become an issue for Boeing since their disregard for safety hit their bottom line.

    • To back up my statement
      Boeing don't state that their priority is to make the 737 MAX safe. Their priority is to get it back into service. The fact they are under the microscope of International certification authorities is the only reason safety matters. The FAA would have rubber-stamped the changes by now and would join Boeing's standard defence of 'pilot error' for fatalities.

  • 737 Max … 787 pickle fork, production FOD and RR Trent issues … now this with the 777X … is there ANY good news out there for Boeing? Right now, they seem like one big lump of FAIL.

  • Alan Joyce, on his 20 hour NY to Sydney Marathon, said that what the industry wanted was a 30 year airframe with upgradable engine packages. So as new engine technology was brought to market by the engine manufacturers, they could be retrofitted to older planes. This means that airlines will not have to buy more planes just to get new engine efficiency. This would require standardisation of systems and engineering computers. Naturally, the aircraft manufacturers are resisting this.

    • It is REALLY ugly, though. The weird black lining around the cockpit windows is just disgusting. So are the winglets.

  • That's why Emirates should buy 150 A350-1000s instead of 150 777-9X !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also Qatar Airways should update their A380s with new Q Suite and still keep them instead of using 777-9X to replace them

  • I wish people would not be so judge mental. Boeing has made planes for a almost a 100 years while Airbus almost 40 years. Boeing has made the revolutionary planes consisting of 247, 377,477, 707 ,727 , 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787 and soon 797. A very small fraction have crashed or no one would order them. Almost all modern Boeing planes have produced 1,000+ with the 737 over 10,000+, 727 ever 1,800+, and 747 & 777 over 1,500+. Airbus first most are simply copies of Boeing Jets with the exception of a stick instead instead of a steering wheel. Both companies make great planes, PERIOD. Boeing makes more revolutionary planes and the 777 and 787 are the the most dominant models ever built. Also I would never fly a countries airlines that pilots didn't operate military air forces especially 3rd world countries.

    • Char Fras The modern twin engine wide body aircraft is a Airbus invention, the A300 from 1970. The 767, 777 and 787 is just copies of this Airbus

  • Can we stop arguing which manufacturer is better and appreciate aviation for once? I wish Boeing a speedy recovery, and congratulate Airbus for securing so many A350 orders.

  • Whenever it flies it will still be a junk aircraft.The 77W's fuel cost is well above the three-engine MD-11 and only a little bit better than the A340-600.The 77X's engine has multiple issues and the fuel cost is only slighty better than the MD-11 which first flew nearly 30 years ago.That is the main reason we should believe the 777 sucks.

  • It appears that boeing is on the route of bankruptcy becoz of the grounding of 737 max and delay for the 777x can end in cancellation of orders!

  • From what you said, it sounded like an engine problem causing the delays.After the hit they took with the Max, because they reacted too slow to the problems as I expected from a huge company, they are going to be more careful this time, and I expect no less. These new large engines tend to be more trouble to develop, I remember the early 747 had engine problems for a while, now RR
    Trent , and GE. GE badly need some good news for their head office. Their stock price are taking a dive.

  • I'm watching A Video Topic on The Boeing 777X Delays right now this has been a tough year for Boeing I hope they'll get there Boeing 777X & Boeing 737 Max Family Problems solve soon where they can fix them.

  • For every disappointment is for better and greater because any senseless cheap cut back will make a big lost to the companies rep

  • I wonder whom will be taking the blame for the 737 MAX and 777 MAX delays? Should it be the bureaucrats and bean counters at the top of Boeing, or will it be engineers and designers?

  • Different aircraft maybe but how can we have confidence in this aircraft being safe and not have something else wrong or dangerous on it just like the 737 whether it's a new system or something. I don't know as much about planes as most people on these vids but I love planes however a nervous flyer. I can't believe a system on an aircraft crashed planes in this day and age… Very sad

  • Not going to lie, with these high quality videos of planes, sometimes I do like to step back from the climate change crisis to admire just how incredible these damn things are. Like… holy crap. WE built these things??

  • The engine issues are far from being resolved. GE is contracting out in an attempt to find a coating for the Stator Vanes that can withstand the unexpectedly high temps leading to the premature wear issues. The fact that GE is seeking outside engineering is not a good sign.

  • This plane needs to come! I am waiting! 777-9 and 777-8 will be good aircrafts, and the Airbus A380-800 will be replaced by 777x.

  • Regarding the engine issue, I have repeatedly suggested that engines are being pushed towards unsustainable levels of performance. Look at the Trent 1000 issues too for comparison.

  • Boeing definitely should design and make their new 777Xs properly even if it's going take another year!! Better be late and safe than being sorry! If Boeing found more issues, they should inform everyone including the public and fix them(it)!! Otherwise I wish Comac to design and make their bigger C939s!

  • I know theres a lot if blame game going on with Boeing…….too right, their ego was through the roof, even their crap stuff they would say was best in the world………….however (however) it now looks like the engine manufacturers are more to blame (I know, where have I been?) If it were me, I'd give rolls Royce an ultimatum. Give them 30 days to produce paperwork of what they are doing to solve the problem, send in the auditors, and if no go……..cancel the deal………GE look more promising

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