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Amazing repatriation flight, we fly halfway around the world on an empty Boeing 777 300ER, our flight starts in Sydney Australia and ends in Manchester England, just one stop in stunning Dubai, we had the entire back of the boeing 777 300ER to ourselves, at one point we were dancing in the isle to Kraftwerk over India the stewardess explained you can have anything you want regarding food and drinks because they had to stock the boeing 777 300ER for a full crew and passengers, can you imagine how much our flight tickets would cost for this privilege, enjoy the flight and the views, and thanks very much for watching this once in a lifetime video, Our sincere gratitude and thanks to all crew and staff at Emerates Airlines for their kindness, help, and advice during that time, And yes we do know its illegal to dance in the isles to Kraftwerk over India on a Boeing 777 300ER ,

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