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A trip report across the Tasman onboard NZ103 from Auckland to Sydney featuring Air New Zealand’s Boeing 777-300ER economy class product


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  • Great video! Air New Zealand looks great and I want to try flying them one day to experience it for myself. I am now your 7th subscriber. Would you also mind helping me by subscribing back to my channel. Thanks!

    • Aviation Reports thankyou very much! I definitely recommend flying them, it’s such a great product and the hospitality is amazing. I also love your content so I subbed back!!

  • Amazing video. Seems like the flight was really comfortable and amazing. Hope that I could fly with them in the future

    • The flight was outstanding for a short trip across the tasman! Air New Zealand will never disappoint! Thanks for the comment my friend

  • I love flying and have watched alot of flight review films. Yours is the best I have seen. Well done mate. I know what you mean when you say you want to do a review in a business class seat. I always walk past business class and say 'one day, one day'.

    • Thanks a lot mate! Watching a lot of trip reports has inspired me to make some of my own, still a beginner but once I get better equipment and editing tools my videos in the future will be much better and hopefully I can showcase premium products!! I was like that too till I made that one day happen, its a great feeling! Would like to see you upload some more videos soon!

  • The 777 family are indeed thoroughbred beasts. Superb aircraft and also due to their great engineering and design land smoothly most times.

    • I wasn't a fan of the B777 until I actually flew on it. The power on the 777-300 is absolutely unspeakable

    • @Delta Alpha Aviation Yep they are impressive. They were actually the first commercial aircraft to get there ETOPS on the run. i.e. Launch customer Cathay Pacific flew it around the world crewed by their training captain with the Boeing test pilot in the other seat and all those hours accrued toward the ETOP. I caught up with it in 1996 in Brisbane

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