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The Boeing 777X delay in delivery is currently impacting customers greatly, today I take a look at Emirates and their situation with the delays diving into new comments made by Tim Clark!

*Please ignore what I said about the A320neo order with Indigo, that video has now been published*

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    • @Kiril Mihaylov but we were talking about Airbus and the engine supplier. I just realized he made a video recently about engine problems i just dont recall him talking about PnW

    • I think Emirates should switch the Boeing 777X Orders for the Boeing 787-10 Orders which will help them if there Orders Delay any further!!!!

    • The 787-10 is a very food aircraft for medium haul routes. In this area Boeing claims 10% better fuel efficiency than A350-900 but of course the 787-10 does trade range for payload so the range is just under current A330-300

  • DJ….why did you say they will welcome the 787-10?? They won't. There is no sign of the order in Boeing's books or on Emirates order log.

  • Short Term: Emirates could procure used A380s and used 777s to take the "sting" out of its operations. They will just have to forgo the practice of using new(er) airplanes. 😀 lol Longer term: use the 787-10. Its "close" to the 777x in specs. or 350-1000s.

    • bd5av8r1 the 787-10 has problems with weight restrictions in the hot season in Dubai, it can not take-of with max MTOW when it’s to hot. It’s the engines, they get to warm.
      The 787-8 and 787-9 doesn’t have this problem, they have the same engine but they produce less trust.

  • Man that guy is so stuck up that he can't fly a plane over 10 years old!! That plane is still good. What is he afraid to send them in for D-checks!! Can't have a plane on the ground for 2 months?

    • It come down to quality of the airline and ever rising maintenance costs of older planes. Younger planes are more fule effecient too. Its a good strategy that has made Emirates one of the largest airlinesrs in the world. So Sir Tim Clark be stuck up as much as you can.
      . I would hate to be on an ancient American Airlines plane

  • Boeing Boeing Gone! MCAS = Might Crash Any Second. Boeing is the scumabag botrtom of the barrel. Deliberately murder their passengers for profit and bonuses! What's the problem. Now the wings of the 737 are going to fall off. American Airlines flight attendants union refuse to fly in 737 Max. COFFIN SHIP!

  • It isn’t clear what Emirates plans to do with the new planes on order. Is it for fleet expansion or replacement of older planes? Unfortunately for Boeing, airbus has the a350, which is a competitor to the 777. Although not quite as large as the 777-9, the a350-1000 is certainly comparable to the 777-300 and the a350-900 to the 777-200, so could very well replace the older ones of those. None of the 787 models have the size or the range of the 777 models. Yes the 787-10 is similar sized to the 777-200lr but it’s range sucks compared. Now Boeing does still theoretically make the 747-8, which is similar to the 777-9 in size and range, but doesn’t have the economy. Also it probably wouldn’t take airbus much to make a few more a380s if Emirates asked for them as production is still actually still underway.

    • John Bamforth Emirates has recently said that the delay in the delivery of the 777x has made them keep some aircraft longer than their planned retirement.
      They have around 40 777 which is 10 years or older, they will all be retired in the next 4-5 years.

  • We're having a lot of issues from Boeing lately. Besides late 777X deliveries, the grounding of the 737 MAX has put a huge financial cloud of that company, especially with the return to service being pushed further and further back and now there's always the small chance the 737 MAX may NEVER fly in revenue service again.

  • Time Clark is a liar, they have 50 widebodies parked at AlMaktoum Airport. Tim Clark is whining and wants compensation for the delay to reduce losses or they want to cancel further orders. Don't believe him

  • Wait. I heard that the last produced A380 is planned to be delivered to ANA… Was that a wrong news, or has there been change after the content came out? (I think it was written in early 2019.)

  • The Airbus saw the opponent blew itself up. It’s going to be a good day. Can the A320neo series start at the price and increase the price of the airliner?

  • Airlines need to forward plan purchases for any delays, we all know you can't rush the production process and Manufacturers are getting smashed with the amount of orders it receives.

  • A very volatile scenario now:Emirates business model will have to change as Dubai is dying &the hub &spoke pattern is now defunct because of longer range planes.Emirates obsession with boeing doesnt make sense as the public no longer trusts boeing.

    • Arun Seigell The hub and spoke model works perfect for Turkish airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Singapore Airlines. All there hubs is situated perfect geographically.
      Take Emirates as an example, they fly to 6 destinations in UK and 5 in Australia, if you live in Melbourne and want to go to Manchester it doesn’t help anything with direct routes from Sydney/Perth to London, you still have to take 2 more flights

  • Any negative news about emirates is great news! Their inability for capacity growth means other airlines in other countries can continue to fly before their respective markets get flooded with seats and force them out of business. Having that government money must be nice for emirates!

    • @Justin Ralph only because they have no EOE and unlimited cash flow. Give a US carrier that kind of resources and they'd be better.

    • @Dave P a valid point but not entirely accurate… Perhaps don't use American news media as an academic research point?
      Regardless Emirates and their blockaded neighbour, Qatar, remain better… And I fly with the better. Newer planes better service… Safer less stressful.

  • Should cancel all 35 777-8 orders and place an order for 35 A350-1000 instead to say the very least. I wouldn’t be surprised if Boeing pushed deliveries again so EIS of those aircraft would be quicker if opted for airbus

  • What happened to the B787s that Emirates ordered ?
    Looks like Emirates will swap some of the B777X with B787-9 and B787-10.

  • Simples… Go and grovel nicely at Toulouse and re-order the A380s they shouldn't have cancelled in the first place. That was just Clark being a cockwomble again.

  • Maybe we are seeing a change the Emirates business model away from just hub and spoke and utilising long and skinny routes as well. Maybe not.

    • It is getting orders but only 40 to 50 at most yearly since 2013. 787 orders are all over the place; 2013 and 2018 100 orders this year 45 or so and 2014 about 60. Still the A350 is currently Airbus’ best selling widebody at the moment although A330 is still the 2nd most ordered widebody in history currently but at the rate it’s orders are going the 787 could surpass it within a few more years

  • Hey man, greetings from Scotland, Im new to this you tube malarkey. Your vids are cracking thanx for sharing, liked and subscribed

  • Sooner or later one of the 'real' airlines is going to copy the business model of the LCC's and go with a single supplier. My guess is that we're very, very close, with Emirates being the most likely to take the plunge. The internal economic logic is overwhelming and the argument that airlines act collegially to support a duopoly has always struck me as perverse – for decades airlines lived semi-comfortably with Boeing as an almost sole supplier. As those with a brain may have noticed, Boeing is fucked and most likely finished – if it comes back from this self inflicted lobotomy it will be the greatest recovery since Lazarus. So, whether they like it or not, the being carriers may have to come to terms with the big A, and develop a new relationship with their supplier, one built on more than Wall Street grift.

    • @Plane. Lover yes it Waz economy class plane looked tired and dated prior to that flat I flew into Dubai on the amazing A380 different world from the 777er

    • Emirates unfortunately hasn’t kept the same economy class styling types. Did your one have smaller screens as I’ve even on their 777’s which have the bigger ones of A380 economy and older style smaller screens

  • They should swap the 777-8 orders to Airbus a350-1000 because those are really comparable planes and Airbus can probably deliver faster than Boeing.

  • The delay is benefiting EK. They actually don’t want to take on more aircraft right now. They have not even confirmed either the Airbus order for the 350/330 or Boeing 787. EK is already grounding current aircraft because of a downturn

  • Personally, I think Emirates problem is that they keep shipping out aircraft after 13 years of use. This could be for the number of hours used, but planes can last up to 30 years.

    Also, people keep saying to replace the 777x with the A350-1000, but the A350 is actually a bit smaller than the 777x. For Emirates, this might just be a stop-gap, but the 777 would be more suited to their operations than the A350 for PAX and range. Even if they picked the 900-ULR, how many passengers would it carry? It'd still be less than what a typical 777 or A350 carries as standard.

    • @Henning Kaasa Well, all big 3 US carriers have had their wide bodies for more than 15 years and they still fly well. Can't say much about comfort, but I haven't heard any complaints. Just because it gets more expensive to maintain doesn't mean you have to get rid of a plane after 15 years. They can last long if taken care of.

    • fighter5583 That don’t work in the rest of the world, in Europe and Asia you must have a relatively new an modern aircraft fleet to survive. People will by tickets on those with the most modern fleet because its a lot of different carriers that fly that destination you want.

    • fighter5583 which legacy carrier, Lufthansa and BA is just waiting for the 777-9 so they can retire their old aircrafts, Thai is on the verge of bankruptcy and loosing customers, and they can’t afford to replace their old 747/777. Qantas is just waiting for their 787 so they can retire their 747. ANA and Japan Airlines uses their old aircrafts domestically where there is no competition.
      Who is left

    • @Henning Kaasa First off, it's just AIRCRAFT. That's what you say when referring to one or more planes; it IS NOT 'aircrafts'. God…
      Sorry, but a lot of people keep doing that….

      Also, BA still has 747-400s after 20 or so years, they finished retiring their 767s only recently (which flew for almost 30 years), Qantas is the same with having had 744s for over 2 decades, and they have A330s that have been around for nearly 15 years and don't intend to get rid of them soon. Also, ANA and Japan Airlines use old planes on any route they feel like, and their 777s aren't exactly young either. I know AF has some old A330s that are around 20 years old, but they might be due for replacement with the NEO. However, not many airlines are just waiting for 777-9s to replace their A380s.

      Also, airline bankruptcy almost always happens due to a number of factors, not just having old planes. Thomas Cook certainly had some old birds, but that wasn't why they went under.

    • Andrew Colen – Because GE had problems with the engines? Or because a door failed for as yet unknown reasons during the test, a door that could well be produced in the same way as on existing models anyway? Do you always look to blame someone for not predicting the future?

  • DJ… Could you cover IAG acquisition of Air Europa? Iberia is now the biggest carrier linking Europe with Latin America. That has many implications for Latam, Air France, KLM, Tap, and Lufthansa. Specially considering that Latin America is mostly Spanish speaking countries.

  • May you cover the IAG's purchase of Air Europa please? Why UE allows that? IAG would have the monopoly of spanish market: Iberia, Vueling, Level, Air Europa!

  • Wow. Emirates will eventually be removing the spacious, comfortable, enormous flagship A380 and eventually replace it with some lame, boring, cramped 777.

    • The "lame, boring, cramped" 777 is WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more efficient and profitable than the expensive, inefficient, ugly A380. There is a reason that they cancelled a ton of the A380s on order.

  • As usual, the comment section is filled with armchair aviators and armchair engineers who don't know what the heck they are talking about. No actual, factual knowledge of Boeing, Airbus, the planes, or the airlines. Sad.

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