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Outbound flight video on an A350! https://youtu.be/QssOk4ih2Hg

JFK-LHR on a BA 747 2 weeks previous to this! https://youtu.be/rjdI0XwUDYg

After a very short trip to New York, it was time to head back across the Atlantic home to London. 2 weeks prior to this, I did this exact route but with British Airways on a 747-400 in Club World. This time I flew with Virgin Atlantic. Now originally I booked this flight because it was due to be operated by an A340-600. But due to their early retirement because of the coronavirus pandemic it was sadly swapped onto a 787.
I was booked to fly in Premium Economy on the way home and had selected seat 23K from a rather empty cabin. Only 6 people in the Premium economy cabin in total. A beautiful premium cabin offered by Virgin and I was offered a drink almost immediately after taking my seat, it may have been 9am but I wasn’t driving once back in London so decided I would take them up on their offer of Champagne. Why not! Once all were onboard, very light load of exactly 150 passengers, we pushed back 10 minutes ahead of scheduled! Something which is rather unheard of at usually a very busy & congested JFK at that time of the morning. Take Off on JFK’s runway 04L towards the North, with a slight turn to the right taking us out over the Atlantic and up the coast towards Boston & Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic. Once airborne I was offered a light breakfast choice was a Cheese & Egg Bagel or a Bacon Roll and selection of fruit juices as well as Tea & Coffee.
Here comes the surprise…
After noticing me filming during pushback and departure and watching me film my meal tray the senior crew member who was actually the one serving my side of the aircraft in premium asked out of curiosity what it was I was filming for. I explained that I had booked this trip mainly to fly out on one of Virgin’s new A350’s & back on an older A340 for my YouTube channel and continued to explain about my channel. She actually told me that yes, this was an A340 but it changed only a week or so prior to the date to this 787. Anyway we carried on chatting away, she was lovely and showed quite a lot of interest in the places I’d been and airlines I’d flown on. She disappeared for a minute and when she returned, told me she’d spoke to the Captain who invited me into Upper Class! Of course I jumped at the opportunity. She took me through to the bar area and I was greeted with another drink and showed me to my new seat in 9K. By this point we had been airborne for around 90 minutes or so, I was offered a handful of snacks, sweets and chocolates and made myself comfortable. Only a few hours later they offered me an afternoon meal. I went for the meatballs and pasta with tomato sauce and for dessert a warm chocolate brownie with custard.
A fantastic experience and some of the loveliest crew I’ve ever flown with, for which I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity. Laughing and chatting to me the entire way across the Atlantic. Upper Class was very quiet as well because of the Coronavirus outbreak so the service seemed even more personal.

Airline: Virgin Atlantic (VS)
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Reg: G-VYUM “Ruby Murray”
Age: 4 Years 9 Months
Seat: 23K, Premium Economy & 9K Upper Class
Departure Runway: 04L
Cruising Altitude: 41,000ft
Arrival Runway: 27R
Flight Number: VS26
Date: March 15th 2020
Distance: 3,446 miles
Flight Time: 5 Hours 48 Mins
Route: JFK-LHR

As always by *Full Flight* I don’t mean a 6 hour video. I mean the video includes all stages of the flight.

Its a very difficult time for airlines and staff right now with the uncertainty bought about by this virus so I would encourage everyone to please stay safe, look after each other and look out for your elderly family & friends. I wish all airline staff, pilots, cabin crew and the many ground staff the best of luck and hope for the best possible outcome for everyone.

Thanks for watching this video!


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