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Wind gusts caused some crosswind landings at Düsseldorf today. Especially shortly before touchdown most airplanes were caught by some wind gusts. The Airbus A321 at the beginning had to initiate a go around and attempted another approach about 10 minutes later. You can see the wind gusts hitting the Airbus shortly before go around.

The pilots of the Airbus A380 were forced to work a lot with the rudder to align the massive Airbus with the runway. The landing of the A380 was a perfect example for a skilled crosswind landing. Don` t know why but these crosswind landings are still breathtaking in my opinion. It` s always a pleasure to watch these skilled pilots do their job. I just hope no one needed a barf bag after these roller coaster rides

Today` s video is a little delayed cause you are currently watching fresh footage right from the camera. The ANA B787-9 landed at 1500 local and you get the video at 1830. Sorry for the delay, I hope you enjoyed this video.

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