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A Brief explanation of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Head-Up Display(HUD). A HUD is a transparent display that presents data without requiring pilots to look away from their usual viewpoints. On the B787 it has 3 positions: Stowed, Operating and Breakaway.
In a sudden and sustained deceleration, the screen rotates forward and locks in the breakaway position, this prevents the pilot’s head from impacting the HUD.
There are no lateral or vertical adjustments for the HUD, forcing the pilot to always be seated in the correct position. At first, that could be uncomfortable, but pilots get used to.
At higher altitudes the HUD horizon line may appear slightly above the actual horizon due to curvature of the earth. The primary function of the HUD in commercial airlines is for conducting low visibility takeoff and landings, flying with HUD makes landings more precise and easier.

For pilots of fighter aircraft, such systems have existed since the 1940s. In Germany, they became known as reflex sights (target devices). Around thirty years later, systems known as complex windscreen projectors emerged. A typical feature for a windscreen projector is the second window in the cockpit on which various information can be projected. Nowadays the head-up display is by far the most important display in the cockpit. The HUD displays information from a number of sources, such as avionics and radar weapon systems, in a compact and manageable form. The pilot has a choice of different modes for the head-up display from which he can choose depending on the respective order or the status of his mission. Each mode supports the pilot with a very specific task; takeoff, landing, navigation, approach and even combat in the case of fighter jets.
In the 1980s and 1990s, General Motors in the United States had a black and white head-up display with fixed, non-configurable displays in various car models. B. always had the current speed in view without having to look away from the road. At Nissan there were already individual models like the Nissan 240SX.

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