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Ever wonder what Boeing 747-8F looks like without paint and wonder what Boeing does before their plane is delivered to its customers? Well, let’s take a look at UPS Boeing 747-8F [N615UP]. On this day, they performed a B1 flight where they perform a high speed taxi test then come back and takeoff to do some testing. After about an hour, they land back at Paine Field. When they are ready for paint, they are ferried to Portland for 7-10 days to paint, then they are flown back to Paine field. After another series of tests, they would do a C1 flight, from there, after UPS checks everything and money is given to Boeing, UPS takes delivery of aircraft. If you haven’t been to Paine Field, I highly suggest you check it out. There are only a handful of B747-8F to be built before the B747 production line closes. Sad. Wished B747 lives on forever!

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