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Simon Pyul:https://www.youtube.com/user/Sim19yul
The Boeing 747 is a massive plane and getting it off the runway is a massive undertaking requiring a massive amount of things to go right in order for this behemoth to get off the runway.
When things don’t go according to plane you have an air crash and with the plane being as massive as it is, if something were to go wrong with the plane then the resulting air crash would be truly destructive. See what happens when a small error snowballs into a something that leaves a Boeing 747 completely destroyed

This is the story of mk airlines flight 1602. If you look back over the videos that ive made you’ll see that I’ve never featured one very popular aircraft, the boeing 747 the queen of the skies. Today we’ll be looking at an interesting crash featuring the 747.

The 747 is a versatile aircraft it can do a lot of things well. From ferrying cargo to being a passenger plane. That’s why its been in service for over 50 years, The plane is loved by its pilots, the passengers that fly on it and of course us, the aviation lovers.Over the course of the last 50 years the 747 has been in a lot of high profile accidents from the collision at teneriffe to japan airlines flight 123.

Mk airlines flight 1602 is one of those crashes that has been more or less forgotten today lets revisit that crash and see what went wrong on the 14th of october 2004. This particular 747 was a freighter.We join the airplane as it lands in bradley international airport. The plane had just landed from Luxembourg-Findel Airport, Its cargo was unloaded and the plane was reloaded with more cargo. Carrying a few delays the plane left bradley international airport bound for Halifax International Airport at 4:03 am in the morning. At 5:12 am the plane landed at halifax international airport everything still going smoothly, all according to plan. On the ground The plane was refilled with cargo. Lawn tractors this time.

The 747 could really carry a massive amount of cargo to haul all this weight the ground crew fueled the plane with a mind boggling 90,000 tons of fuel. They were all set to go! The load master filled out the paperwork making sure that all the cargo is placed in the right places. Mis placed cargo can really throw a plane off balance. When a weight shifts in an aircraft its center of gravity changes as well. So if some cargo were to move at a critical phase of flight like landing or take off a crash is all but certain.
With everything in order the crew began to taxi to runway 24. The plane enters the runway at taxi way delta and then backtracks to the threshold of the runway. The plane does a 180 degree turn at the end of the runway. I want you to imagine the massive plane turning around to face the runway.

At 6:53 am and 22 seconds the throttles were advnaced and the huge plane began to roll down the runway. The engines roared as the plane sped down the runway the plane went through 80 knots and then at 130 knots the control column was pulled back by about 8 degrees to gently lift the nose up into the air. The nose slowly rose into the air. Something was wrong, the plane wasnt responding fast enough. The pilots pull back on the column a bit more hoping that this would get them airborne.

8000 feet down the runway and the plane still wasnt airborne. The nose is up so high that the tail drags along the runway. With less than 600 feet of runway remaining the throttles were advanced to 92% power shot up but the plane was still on the ground. With 420 feet remaining the tail struck the runway again. The aircraft over ran the runway going 152 knots. The plane left a scar on the earth it overran and 670 feet after the runway ended the plane became airborne.


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