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Qantas Freight will welcome on two Boeing 747-8Fs on a lease from Atlas Air to replace their current 747-400Fs. In today’s video, I go over the announcement and more!

Please Note: The 747-8Fs with Qantas Freight will wear the Atlas Air livery, for thumbnail purposes I have used a Qantas Freight 747-8F edit to match the title and text featured over the thumbnail.

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  • Airbus missed the chance to make the A380F

    now the A380 will be scrapped altogether by 2021

    the 747-8i/F will fly beyond 2021

    • The A380 is so heavy that to operate on a profit, it exceeds the maximum takeoff weight if it carried freight. The 747s especially the freighters have a bright future ahead of them, they are pretty much built for that.

    • The A380F was only for the package carriers as it couldn't take the outsized cargo that the 747 can. This was due to lack of nose door and the need for the upper deck.

    • @Pieter well I have 747-100 and I have 747-200 and I have 747 300 and I have. 747 400er and I have. 747-8 and I have. 747-8 international I'm sorry forgot 747-8I and I have a 747-8f And I have a 777 200 and I have a 777 200er and I have 777- 300 and I have 777-300ER and on the way 777-900 that was called 777-9x. No I forgot it's 777-9.- And I got my first airplane models in October/03/1997. The time was just around two pm. And it was a Delta airlines L1011. And the TWA L1011 model number two. And I got that in December/19/1997. I think that was the same day the titanic movie came out. Do you remember AA buying TWA in 2000. And I remember Boeing buying MD in the year 1995. And I think that was the last year the MD-11 was made I think. But in this world you must have a JOB. And you could love that JOB. Because you would not be buying over 371 airplane models for nothing. At one point it was 747x at one point 7×7 and now it's 777-8-9-10. I got it wrong again I mean 777-800 and 777-900
      And 777-1000x.

  • Yay! We'll be seeing the queen of the skies fly for a bit longer (hopefully a lot longer). That would've been nice in Qantas Freight livery. Although sadly we won't be seeing the 747's in passenger variants anytime soon, at least we will continue to see them fly, carrying freight and packages. Even if Boeing wanted to release the next generation of the 747 jet, chances are it will be a freighter. Either way, it's great and awesome to see these 747 jets fly over, especially the -8.

  • The 747-8F has a bright future. In the upcoming 2 years more orders will flow in. Maybe something already this year at paris maybe

  • At least a couple more quad jets will be flying in the skies! With the A380 shutting down, the A340 being phased out and the 8i not getting many orders, the 8F is really the only hope for quad jets.

  • Hopefully Qantas orders a 747-8F instead of just leasing them. It would be pretty cool to still see 747s flying for Qantas for a long time, they look great in Qantas liveries.

  • Dj I love your vids I love how somebody tells the news of the aircraft world your vids are amazing never stop

  • I think it’s great that they are getting an upgrade, but it’s unfortunate that the aircraft won’t be painted in the Qantas freight livery.

  • He mentioned that the 747-400 doesn't fly the Qantas Freight livery, does anyone know what livery the 747-8 will run, but confused.

  • A short term lease
    Not a commitment perhaps the freight company just want to gain some cash
    747-400 change to A380 for long haul flights to Hawaii from 2020!?!?

    • A380 has no long term viability. 747s will have a long term conversion industry to freighter on both 747-400 and 747-800

  • I think its great about the acquisition of two new 747-8F aircraft. Just disappointed that it will be in the Atlas livery and not the wonderful Qantas livery instead.

  • Notice:
    We all know that the A380 is dead but what if… the engines of the plane changed by other efficient engines?

  • Well that’s great news!! Just wish they painted them in the Qantas livery. Maybe in the future 🤞

    • Adds to much the cost then since it's just a lease they would have to paint it twice in a short time frame once to put the qantas livery then a second time to return it to the atlas cargo livery not worth the cost especially since it's a cargo plane and not a passenger plane so branding doesn't matter no customers will see it like in the case of airlines who repaint lease planes that carry paying customers

  • I've seen the 747-8 freighter once. I didn't even know it was an -8 until I noticed something was wrong with the wings and it was parked next to a -400. It is noticeable larger, beautiful jet. The cargo model seemed to be keeping the 747 alive and seems to be a nice addition to every cargo fleet. Too bad I didn't have a camera that day.

  • I am happy to see that the 747 will still be flying in Australia. I wish it was in the Qantas Freight livery though. Good Video Dj

    • Those 747 would have to be state of the art planes. If not, is a worry meaning we would have the worst computer programmers for flight simulation and the worst and laziest aerodynamic mechanics and engineers ever existed.

  • that's the funny part now if the newer engines are even 10% better than the older 1s and you have a 20% increase in capacity your not looking at 30% it be more like 35% improvement that is serious coin savings

    • because a extra 7 pallets for the 20% then means 35+7=42 so add maybe 10% for engine efficiency of 42 pallets =4.2 so 42+4= 46 pallets so it is 35 pallets on 400 series is 11 more pallets of efficiencies means for every 3 flights 1 flight is free. so assume 80k per trip rather than 320k for 4 flights it costs only 240k if my logic sounds off constructive comments are allowed

  • Interesting that Qantas even outsources the Freight operations.. It'll be an interesting day Joyce goes and maybe someone will stop running it as a budget airline.

  • A bit misleading. QF is not purchasing or even operating the aircraft. It’s simply a change in the contact with Atlas to provide more leased capacity

  • Surprised that Quantas in retiring the 747-400 from passenger service did not convert a couple to freight !!!!!!

  • Can you make a video reporting how satisfied those airlines operating the 747-8I are with the aircraft i.e. Luftansa, Korean Air, etc. ?

  • Is the thumbnail taken at the Everett, WA location ? I worked there for almost 5 years painting the 777 wings and fuselage interiors.

  • I had the pleasure of flying from Johannesburg to Sidney return on Quantas 747 400, it was fantastic and so much better than the trip to London on an Airbus A340 with Virgin. Hopefully the carriers will recommit to the super jumbos eventually post A380 provided the two engine experiment proves too risky in the long run. The F should keep the program alive in the meantime.

  • Good on Qantas, happy to see the queen of the sky continue in Australian airspace

  • Had the great pleasure of flying on a 747-8 from JFK to PEK Bejing China. Incredible aircraft.

  • Always happy to hear about any 747 orders, but particularly this one….My most recent flights on the 747 always were through Sydney.

  • Pure logic the 747 was from the start desigend as a freighter to compete with the C5-Galaxy.
    The 747-8F is the safest choice for heavy hauling.

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