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Looking back at the MFSX

In this MFSX preprogrammed exercise after a long flight from England, we’ve descended towards Singapore’s Changi Airport (WSSS), only to find a monsoon pounding the city. With minimal fuel and no forecasted breaks in the storm, we’ve got to make the approach. Apparently my FO will help to reduce the workload. Changi is reporting a 3,000-foot ceiling and 1/8-mile visibility with heavy rain and turbulence. The wind is out of the northeast at 24 knots, gusting to 32 knots. We are approximately 25 miles northwest of Changi Airport (WSSS), with the aircraft descending out of 19,500 to maintain 17,000 feet. Expected ILS Runway 02C approach.

(I couldn’t make the NAV lights to be visible and the clock was permanently INOP this being short exercise)

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