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KSFO ATC – PAN PAN PAN – China Airlines Boeing 747 Bird Strike

A China Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter (flight CI-5107) from San Francisco to Taipei with 7 crew, was in the initial climb out of San Francisco’s runway 28R, when just upon contacting departure and receiving instructions from ATC for further climb the crew declared PAN PAN PAN reporting a bird strike, that had taken out some of their flight instruments. The aircraft stopped the climb at 6000 feet, the crew indicated they were still considering how to proceed, there were no procedures for the faults. The crew decided to dump fuel and return to San Francisco (KSFO). The aircraft landed safely back on San Francisco’s runway 28R about 75 minutes after departure.

Both angle of attack probes were found to be damaged. The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground in San Francisco for about 23.5 hours, then departed as flight CI-9107 to Taipei.

Source: http://avherald.com/h?article=4d194ae8&opt=0

ATC communications courtesy of LiveATC.net. Edited for timing and content.


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