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This video features the incredible Queen of the Skies, the Qantas Boeing 747 landing at Avalon Airport for the Australian International Airshow.

This was a special flight for me, being on-board and experiencing the Queen from inside. With a last-minute equipment change, we got lucky and flew on one of the last remaining rollers in Qantas’s fleet.

I hope you enjoy this special moment and thank you for Matt (HD Melbourne Aviation) for getting there early to provide me with this footage!


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  • Excellent video as always! The airshow grounds weren't that busy when the Qantas 747 arrived. Only few people on YouTube like us were able to film it. Very sad how the Qantas 747 is being retired and this may have been the last time a QF 747 will visit there too. They used to do 747 maintenance at Avalon Airport true fact. Love all your videos and keep the awesome work up!

    • Thanks, mate, It saddens me these truly magnificent aircraft are being retired. Some of them aren't even that old yet and have more years in them but unfortunately given fuel prices and other factors, they're all going. Thanks for the kind comments mate, appreciate it.

  • I've just discovered this channel and I'm already loving it. Great work dude, keep it up!! ❤️

    • Thanks mate! It makes me happy to hear that. I’m still small although I have plans on getting more footage to provide bigger videos rather than singles as I want to remain consistent as possible. Thanks again though. 😊

    • @StrayaAviation It is happening to me too. I cannot do plane spotting compilations because I don't have enough clips to make longer videos and remain consistent.

  • Whats not to like about any jumbo i was one on many years ago over the Atlantic point of no return either go back or carry on it had done an engine shut down so flying on 3 didn't even notice wasn't worried either in fact no one would known unless the captain had.nt told us i just think he was just being courteous lol

    • The Jumbo truly is one of the best aircraft flying and always will be! I’m absolutely devastated they’re being retired, but not all so bad I suppose as they’re being used more for cargo so there’s years to come to see them. Thanks for sharing your story though!!

    • @StrayaAviation agreed but the jumbo still has life in the old girl yet so we won't be seeing it disappear from the skies from a go while i just love aircraft any type i always look up and watch it go into the distance so could never understand when something like a jumbo 747 why wouldn't you look up people take them for granted never realising how much of technological Marvin this machine really is

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