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17/18-FEB-2021. An Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 (B744), registration N429MC, performing flight GTI73 / 5Y73 from Miami international airport, FL (USA) to Bogota El Dorado international airport (Colombia), During climb out of Miami, about at 15000 feet, reported about high temperature in the cockpit and requested return. On approach to Miami the pilots requested emergency equipment on the ground.

PART OF TEXT VERSION OF COMMUNICATIONS THAT I’M ABLE TO INCLUDE HERE. Do you want more? Write in comments and I’ll give you remaining part of text communications (Read if subtitles in video were fast):

COMMENST: GTI73 was climbing out of Miami.
GTI73: Miami, GTI73.
CENTER: GTI73, go ahead.
GTI73: I’d like stop our climb. We need to come back to Miami.
CENTER: GTI73, roger and is there an issue?
GTI73: We have the temperature in the flight deck is getting extremely hot, so we wanna come back.
CENTER: GTI73, roger, cleared to Miami international airport via left turn, direct to Miami, descend and maintain 12000.
GTI73: Direct to Miami, 12000, GTI73 Heavy.
GTI73: Miami, GTI73.
CENTER: GTI73, go ahead.
GTI73: Yes, sir, we need to dump fuel…
GTI73: Can we begin now?
CENTER: GTI73, how long do you need to dump fuel?
GTI73: Stand by.
GTI73: About 13 minutes.
CENTER: GTI73, roger, fly heading 090 and you’re cleared to dump fuel.
GTI73: Roger, heading 090, cleared to dump fuel.
CENTER: GTI73, when you… wanna start heading back toward Miami, just let me know and I’ll give you turn back.
GTI73: Roger that.
CENTER (Probably with another controller): No, he said, he just needed to go back, but I’ll ask him again, just to make sure. I asked him first time but I’ll just make sure.
CENTER: GTI73, do you need anything standing by or anything like that, any kind of services?
GTI73: Stand by.
GTI73: Miami, GTI73, we’d like to come back now.
CENTER: GTI73, roger, you’re cleared to Miami via left turn direct Miami.
GTI73: Left turn direct Miami, GTI73 Heavy.
CENTER: And do you need anything or not?
GTI73: At this time negative.
CENTER: GTI73, roger.
GTI73: GTI73, just to verify, you’re not declaring an emergency or anything like that, correct?
CENTER: That’s correct.
GTI73: GTI73, contact Miami Approach 119.45.
CENTER: 119.45, GTI73.
GTI73: Miami, GTI73, 12000, proceeding direct to Miami.
APPROACH: GTI73 Heavy, Miami Approach, good evening, expect vectors ILS RW 8R, arrival ATIS G is current. Wind is 180 at 8, Miami altimeter 3008
GTI73: Copied that and information G was picked up, GTI73.
APPROACH: GTI73, speed is at your discretion, descend and maintain 8000 at your discretion.
GTI73: Descend and maintain 8000, GTI73 Heavy.
APPROACH: GTI73, and did you guys complete your fuel dumping or are you still in progress?
GTI73: Fuel dumping is completed.
APPROACH: Thank you.
GTI73: Miami, GTI73.
APPROACH: GTI73 Heavy, turn left heading 270, go ahead.
GTI73: 270, we’d like to have equipment standing by, just in case. It’s getting really, really hot up in the cockpit.

——- This is maximum I can write here. Do you want more? Write in comments and I’ll give you remaining part of text communications ——–

THE MAIN VALUE IS EDUCATION. This reconstruction will be useful for actual or future air traffic controllers and pilots, people who plan to connect life with aviation, who like aviation. With help of this video reconstruction you’ll learn how to use radiotelephony rules, Aviation English language and general English language (for people whose native language is not English) in situation in flight, which was shown. THE MAIN REASON I DO THIS IS TO HELP PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND EVERY EMERGENCY SITUATION, EVERY WORD AND EVERY MOVE OF AIRCRAFT.

Source of communications – https://www.liveatc.net/ (I have a permission (Letter) for commercial use of radio communications from LiveATC.net).
Map, aerial pictures (License (ODbL) ©OpenStreetMap -https://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright/en.) Permission for commercial use, royalty-free use.
Radar screen (In new versions of videos) – Made by author.
Text version of communication – Made by Author.
Video editing – Made by author.

1) I monitor media, airspace, looking for any non-standard, emergency and interesting situation.
2) I find communications of ATC unit for the period of time I need.
3) I take only phrases between air traffic controller and selected flight.
4) I find a flight path of selected aircraft.
5) I make an animation (early couple of videos don’t have animation) of flight path and aircraft, where the aircraft goes on his route.
6) When I edit video I put phrases of communications to specific points in video (in tandem with animation).
7) Together with my comments (voice and text) I edit and make a reconstruction of emergency, non-standard and interesting situation in flight.

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