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This Embraer ERJ-190 of German Airways approached runway 14L at Cologne last week while a Boeing 747SP suddenly showed up right behind. What an amazing motif to see the classic B747 show up right behind the ERJ-190 on approach. German Airways was formerly known as WDL Aviation and they used to operate a fleet of several BAE-146`s. They replaced their aging fleet with more moder ERJ-190 and one of them can be seen in this video.

I also went back to Cologne a few days later to film the departure of the Nasa Boeing 747 SP. I filmed a close up on the beautiful classic engines before its departure from Cologne to Cologne. Right now it is based at Cologne. They use the aircraft as a flying observatory and one of its flights lasts up to 7 hours.

Also check out the UPS Boeing 747 gathering. Cologne is UPS` biggest european hub which is clearly visible in this video. Four good looking Boeing 747-8 parking next to each other makes it look like a scene from Louisville in Kentucky. I filmed two landings of the B747-8`s, the first one had to deal with light crosswinds from the east.

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