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Here’s the last video from my Frankfurt-Luxembourg trip ! Luxembourg has a really nice airport with some good spotting points! Much less traffic than FRA (And I only filmed the last day there due to the difficulty to film) but is the place to be to see Cargolux planes !
7 planes featured in this video, 6 of which are 747s !

Anyway, Enjoy the video !
P.s. Sorry for the shakiness, the spot was insanely hard to film from, I might post a pic on Twitter to show what I mean by that ^^’
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0:00 Cargolux Boeing 747-4HAF(ER) LX-KCL
0:30 Qatar Cargo Boeing 777-F A7-BFM
1:05 Cargolux Italia Boeing 747-4R7F LX-TCV
2:54 Cargolux Boeing 747-8R7F LX-VCJ
6:03 Cargolux Boeing 747-4HAF(ER) LX-KCL
7:55 Cargolux Boeing 747-467F LX-ICL
9:32 Silk Way West Boeing 747-4H6F VP-BCR

Date: September 9th & 11th 2020
Airport: Luxembourg Findel International – LUX/ELLX
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