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As most of you are aware, The pandemic that we are in this year has expedited the retirement of many 747s around the world. The last 747 to regularly service The Bahamas was from Virgin Atlantic offering once a week direct flights from London(LHR) about 15 years ago.

Over the years that I have been spotting, I was able to experiencing the 747 at Nassau though charters, diversions and VIP flights.

It is becoming less likely to see 74s again around here anytime soon,
So I decided to compile all of my documented 747 visits over the years into one video. I also decided to do this for recent subscribers who might have not been watching my videos over the years to see the many different things that have visited this airport.
Some notes about the video:
-My current standard of handheld stabilization has only been achieved over the past 2 years, so don’t expect the smoothest videos from the older clips even though I tried to work my magic on them now.
-I have an external harddrive filled with 6/7 years worth of raw footage.
I used those raw clips and made this video from scratch with the exception on the Iron Maiden clips because for some reason, I ended up losing those raw clips awhile ago. I had to work with the rendered video that I uploaded to Youtube and clip/stabilize that, Leading to the jumping watermark.
2013-2019 Timeline
Jun 2013: Corsair International, 744, F-HSEA
May 2014: British Airways, 744, G-CIVE
Jan 2015: Las Vegas Sands, 747SP, VQ-BMS
Mar 2015: Air France, 744, F-GITI
Feb 2016: Iron Maiden, 744, TF-AAK
Apr 2016: UNITED, 744, N179UA
Nov 2016: Qatar Amiri Flight, 748, A7-HBJ
Aug 2017: British Airways, 744, G-CIVD
May 2019: British Airways, 744, G-CIVT

Again, Bare in mind that these are just the one’s I managed to document. There have been 2/3 more visits over the years. An example of this would have been a National Boeing 744 arriving at night during the relief efforts of Hurricane Dorian last year
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This video is the property of cameronmd80 and may not be reused without permission!
Intro song: Ikson-Alive (https://www.soundcloud.com/ikson)
Camera:Ranging from Sony HX200V, Sony HX400V and Sony RX10M3

Airport: Lynden Pindling International Airport, Nassau Bahamas

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  • Incredible work! Pure awesomeness and nice memories to serve! THose different spots, all the more spectacular. Huge, huge thumbs up!

  • kinda sad these birds air being put down by the big airlines. last of them will be the cargo 747s to stay in the sky but even them gonna have the wings clipped at sum point. the 787s, 777s and the a350s are taking the place of the 747. i woner which palnes will get the axe once the 777x's hit the skies!!!! awesome tribute video Sir cameronmd80!

  • Nice to see you got Corsair's 747! One of the best liveries on a 747. Great compilation of awesomeness!

    • Yeah, French territories seem to do a really good job on not skimping out on their liveries (Corsair, Caraibes, Air Tahiti Nui).

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