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Hello all. Just got in from Hong Kong and will be dead heading for the short hop to Melbourne with the next crew. Thought I’d show you some cool info on the Boeing 747-8 ‘Superjet’ while the unloading/loading is taking place. I’m showing you the different system Synoptics that we can view if needed during various operations. Kail , the second officer here will be operating with me from Melbourne to Wellcamp then on to Hong Kong tomorrow evening. Hope you like. Ngaan dii- Later!


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  • You should ask us on Instagram to ask you any questions then you should make a video answering our questions, plzzz

  • Hello Captain Obet, hope you're well. This is for those short people like me, with aviation blood. Is it possible for you to show a good demonstration on how the Pilot's seat and the rudder pedals operate on 747-8? (Forward, rear, vertically and sideways). Is there a specific height requirement to fly this plane, and what are the steps to adjust the seat and pedals for various individuals? Thanks.

  • Nice video captain! can you also teach us the Datalink (ACPT, CANC, RJCT) buttons and how do they work?

  • Hello captain,
    When airliners are conducting a vfr approach landing and the PF is hands on with the flight controls is the throttle actually being manipulated by the PF or still on A/T?

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